Thursday, December 29, 2016


  I wanted to read another good story tonight. For some time, I skimmed through the many book choices on my kindle. I thought about getting up and re-organizing my kitchen. Thinking about pots and pans making lots of noise and waking up half the world made me scratch that idea quickly. I went through some music and thought of listening to some praise and worship. Maybe there’s a dance idea hidden in some of these old songs? But, no. What was keeping me up was not another moment to read or listen to music, not even getting up to do some last minute cleaning. There were words pushing through, begging to come out and when I stood still enough to give them attention, it was clear God was present. Flashes of what the Lord has been doing swept my thoughts. I put my Kindle down. Quietly, I left the bedroom and found my way to this old computer. Here, I give permission to every word stored in me to jump out and on to the screen. Speak away.

There are only a few more hours left to this present year, 2016. The New Year, 2017, will begin and well, most everyone is asking the “What will happen in this new year” question. Many of us seem to get very melancholic or poetic during these times. There are many that become sentimental or depressed. We look back and seem to focus on our losses because our gains or our wins have been so few. We tend to look back on years when perhaps we had so much more, or at least, we try to believe we had things a put together a little bit better and imagine that somehow, way back then, it was just a little easier to get by. We lie.

As I lay in bed looking for one more book to read, I thought about many of my losses. Yes, there have been many losses, financially and physically, in many ways, especially in the last three years. In moments that I looked at the areas in my life where I had experienced set backs, I also sensed the Lord grabbing my face and turning me away from the picture of yesterday’s defeats, and placing my face to look somewhere else. He pointed elsewhere. “I see it, Lord. Forgive me.” As I allowed God’s hands to move my face and look elsewhere, I could see that through each struggle, each painful moment in my life, there has been a greater moment where He was definitely at work in my life, in our lives. I’ve never been alone.

 Image result for God has a plan

I look back and I saw a marriage that only a little while ago was broken, filled with too much hurt and it seemed impossible for even God’s grace to heal and restore. I look back and see how I lost everything, my job of our twenty years, a house that I had put all my finances into, and I saw my family, my beautiful family falling apart.

There were moments where I had begged God to take me, when I was in this dark place and couldn’t come out. God allowed me to experience an Alice In Wonderland moment, as it seemed that I fell through this bottomless hole where I would remain and not be able to escape. Yet, through the shattered moments I lived for that season, God remained every present and ever loving. You see, I look back and I see a God that healed and restored my marriage. I see a God that although I don’t have that job or that salary that I once had, I have been blessed with a job where I can give to others and help others in so many ways. I look back and I see how the Lord is healing my heart. I see the Lord working in my children, though at times you will look at them and infer that God is not at work in them, I see it and I experience it.

 I continue to believe that the Lord is at work in my son’s body. Rapha, Healer. He carried every sickness, every disease, every illness upon His body. He has carried my son’s physical problem. God will restore. I believe God has great plans for my three children and I see it. There is peace in my home where there was once great division and discord. God heals our minds, brings us out of depression and low self esteem. God heals us when the world has abused and battered us in every way possible, then throws us to the curb with the garbage and walks away. God shows up where you find what the world calls garbage and unlovable. God shows up where the hurts and the scars cannot be seen but live on through memories and nightmares. God shows up when the Enemy says, “It’s over! I won!” God shows up and says, “Excuse me? You must have the wrong address!?"

Are we perfect or are we at one hundred percent? Nope. I’d be lying to tell you that the Enemy of our souls doesn’t try to attack us on a regular basis. His will is to destroy, to divide and to confuse God’s children. My job is to believe and trust God’s word and never give up. I look back and smile. Christmas 2014, our landlord who had promised us we’d never have a problem living in our home tells us we have to move because he needed the apartment. And, he needed it sort of quickly. I prayed as I realized I might end up homeless. Once more, I was looking for a place to live. I had already lost the home I thought I was supposed to live in forever. My income had drastically changed, as I was no longer teaching. I’d given up most of my belongings and here I was again, going through another change. “Lord!” I cried, “What do I do? I can’t ask my family take us in?” I had friends that would call and share they didn’t have work or were looking for a new home and I had to keep quiet about our struggles and offer hope, pray with them and keep positive through our fears.

We ended up moving into the smallest apartment ever. Thus, once more, we had to downsize ever further. No living room. No dining room. No closets. Hardly ever heat. My kids were always sick. Barely a kitchen and bathroom and the rent, well, if you live in Brooklyn or Queens, New York, I don’t have to explain myself when I say, “rent”. We were paying their mortgage and Lord knows what else. There were months when I prayed and asked the Lord, “Do we pay rent, or do we buy food?” We lived like this for almost a year, to be informed the rent was going to be increased by January 2016. We were scarcely making it. Our family was distraught and this didn’t help matters any that my family was just falling apart. We were a broken mess, emotionally unattached, and I found myself alone, seeking the Lord and wondering what He would do next.


A leap of faith. 2016 was a year of decisions and living faith out loud. It was a year filled with painful moments and memories I wish God would permanently erase. But, it was a year I stood before the Lord with my family and said out loud, “I’m taking my family back in Jesus name!” and I did. In October, 2016, with our lives falling apart and seeming to the world that everything was fine, when it wasn’t, I asked the Lord to do a new thing and that I would follow, no matter the cost. It seemed like the craziest thing to do at the time, but I did it. I was desperate and having faith was all I had to live on. After an Anniversary ceremony where we rededicated our marriage and our family to the Lord in front of our family and friends, I cried out to God and asked the Lord to guide us. “God, I don’t know what to do next.”

Frankie and Angie 25th Wedding Anniversary

 I look back and I laugh! How could it be that we ended up purchasing a home, our farmhouse? How can it be that the past four years that we spent living in extremely cold apartments, we are now nestled in the warmth of this ranch? God used my parents to help me walk in faith and believe for a home. How can it be that we are making ends meet with our crazy traveling in the morning and only a few months ago, I didn’t know if we’d have enough for groceries? I look back and I have to praise the Lord because He has done something I cannot explain. 

 I look back and see someone who was told she would never minister again in any shape or form and this year, the Lord restored to me the opportunity to dance. Once I had known the love for preaching and teaching God’s word and working for His Kingdom, giving my all to the church and the leadership. Once I had given my all to the arts through dance ministry and helping other churches start their ministries. Once I had lived a dream as far as ministry is concerned and in seconds it had all been taken away, leaving me empty and devastated and believing God could never use me again. This year, God used my brother as an open door and I’ve dance again, not just in my home or in my dreams, but before the Lord in His sanctuary. God has given us a church where we can try again, hope again, little by little- again.

Our New Home! My Three Kids painting the front porch. "Blessing!"
 Yes, the year is coming to an end. We can count our losses and focus on our needs, our lack and what has challenged us. Or, we can look at what God has restored, what God has healed, what God is doing in our midst and we see it so small that we don’t realize how great and amazing it all really is. Someone will ask, “Don’t you get embarrassed to share your life?” And I say, “Nope!” 

  My parents helping me fix and paint our new home.

 You know why? When I share what God has done, I am also saying that the work of Satan is void, broken, disabled and crumpled. When I yell out that God is working in my family and in my home, I am saying that what the devil meant for destruction, God has taken it and turned it around. God is getting the praise! We rejoice! What the devil has used in the dark to defeat, confuse and condemn, God has used to show love, forgiveness, compassion and unity. God be glorified over and over again!

 Jacob's Graduation, June 2016. Front of our new home.
 How is your year ending? I bet there are still aches and pains. I have those. I bet there are issues, challenges, struggles and problems a plenty. I have those, too. I even bet financially and physically, things aren’t all that great. Well, I am there with you also. We are still praying for healing and for miracles in many areas of our lives just like you. But, through our hardships, we cannot deny that God is present and that God is real, and that He is really at work in our lives. In our stress and our pain, we need to see that those areas in our lives we sometimes see as small, again, I say, those are the great moments in our lives when the Lord is putting His hand upon our lives.

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Look what the Lord has done!
Will you allow the Lord to turn your face from the problem, the hurt, the problem and the anxiety just enough for you to not only look back and focus on how the Lord did great things in your life, but to help you have a different outlook for the new year. God is still working in your life just like He’s working in mine. There are hardships in this world and we know God’s word tells us that at one point in time, things will only get kinda worse, especially if we decide to hold on to faith and live by Godly principles. But, what if we chose to focus on God and what God’s word says is true for our today and our tomorrow? Then, we truly have a hope. A hope and a future. God’s plan is what I hold on to. I don’t know it and I surely don’t understand it all, but I chose to hope and walk by faith. 
 My prayer tonight is that you will focus on how the Lord has brought you through. Maybe it was a new home, a new job, restored family, a new church, or something only you know. But, He did it. He did it for you and He will do it again. I pray the new year will be full of moments where you draw closer to the Lord and see the Lord in your life in a greater way. The Lord bless you greatly! I know I’ve written like crazy, but like I shared before, the words were in my head crying to be put on the screen and well, I just obeyed. This is my story, God has rewritten my story. I pray you will let Him continue to write the pages of your journey, in Jesus Name, amen.

Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago and lovingly inspired by the Lord.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


As many spent countless hours and dollars prepping for the holidays with great excitement and joy, there are also many who dread the reality of another Christmas almost here. For many, the seasons is a time to max out their credit cards, give their kids everything they want, and do what it takes to have a wonderful day. To others, well, Christmas is a simple and loving day to spend with family and friends through dinner, maybe going to church, or staying home in pajamas with some hot chocolate and some good old fashion movies. Just as so many celebrate with spending, drinking, dancing or just hugs and kisses, there are also many folks who experience great loneliness and sadness as their thoughts and their memories give way to depressive moments where they even end of hating the holidays and wishing for death.

I can remember times in my life where we didn't have much of anything, nothing for gifts and even a meal seemed a miracle away. Many people don't want to deal with their past hurts or present pain. Families have just gone through the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or a difficult situation. I know what it's like to be without work during the holidays. I know what it's like to feel helpless when I've allowed myself to focus on my problems and not on God's promises for me. Regardless if it is Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, God's Word is alive and effective to reach down into your pain, when you feel alone and even angry, and God can and will do a great work in your life if you run to the Lord in the midst of your anguish.

Tears. We all cry. Joy or sadness makes way for tears to flow. I hope your tears represent joy. But, if they don't, I pray that your tears will bring you to a place where you can surrender every part of your life to the One who is the main character in the Christmas story. I pray that your heart will open up to receive the love that was poured out from heaven and still today, even now, is poured out like soft snow, and refreshing rain into your hurts and broken life. I pray that you will find the path that leads your tears into the Presence of the Lord, the One who wipes all tears and heals you.

Maybe you just don't care much about Christmas this year. I can share that last year I didn't even have a living room space to sit in and have Christmas dinner. My finances were at a thinning point and well, so much was going wrong. But, I placed it all in God's hands and never stop placing my tears at the feet of Jesus. 

This weekend, my kids decorated our Christmas tree. We're decorating our small farm house. To many it's not a big deal, but to me, our new home is a blessing. It's been super difficult with the traveling, getting sick a lot and so many issues that have come our way since we moved. But, I also count this Christmas a new beginning in our home. God has blessed us with being closer to my family, especially my parents. My children have a living space we didn't have before. And, the Lord has restored us by giving us a home church where we've been able to be transparent and share our broken lives, our hurts and our imperfections. We've been embraced and taken in as if we have always belonged. 

Problems may never end and you and I will experience let down and heartaches. There will be times to hold back tears and other times to let them flow. And, if they are present during Christmas or any time in your life, I pray in Jesus' name that you will abandon your heart to God's care and allow Him to show you that everyday is worth living and worth trusting in His love and in His care. God is for you, not against you. He has a wonderful plan for your life, so please don't give up. Hold on to Him. This too shall pass. I am a living witness that the storms don't stay forever. God still speaks to the storms and commands them to stop. I pray for God's peace to visit your heart today and embrace you in a special way the very same way I pray each day that Holy Spirit cares for my family and watches over my children, my parents and my family. God is good. He is able to do great things in our lives.

Tears for Christmas? I pray they turn into tears of joy. God wants to fill your life with gladness. Put on some music and dance away. Worship the Lord and bless Him. You will see how He will turn your sadness into dancing and your tears will wiped away.

Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago



I find myself at a loss for words. Searching online to see where Praise and Worship Dance is going has left me sad and frustrated. There are hundreds upon hundreds of videos and instructional/performance visuals as well as sites that want to teach or express what Praise Dance is all about. I am left wanting, empty and wishing for a platform where I could share words that would challenge many of the things I've witnessed these past few days.

I've seen it all, from lyrical dances with young girls flipping and showing their unmentionables, to exotic dancers on the altar. I've seen groups performing to a song that is talking about the Lord with not even one movement created to direct the person watching the dance to the Lord. Sitting here I've stopped watching them as the first seconds started. Over and over, disappointment filled me as I looked for those who have taken what so many of us, years ago, pushed through in order to get it accepted and allowed in the church.

What then is Praise and Worship Dance? What is acceptable and what isn't? Can all music be used as well as any style of dance? What labels me any authority on the subject and what qualifies me to have any say on what is right or wrong? 

Where the Spirit of The Lord is, there is freedom.:

In my experience, Praise and Worship Dance is one more tool in your ministry bag that can be used to reach the multitudes for the Lord. Just as a pastor, an evangelist,a minister and mouthpiece of God's Word carefully prays and seeks the Spirit of God to guide the message, the words to be shared and even the scripture to be used to minister, so the dancer- a vessel of the Lord, using not their voice but their entire being to bring forth a Word for the soul that needs restoration, healing and to experience God's joy! The dancer for the Lord prays and seeks to represent God and His will, not their own talent (although there is truly a great diverse of gifted and anointed dancers out there). The one who moves to music under God's anointing is mindful that they can be used to minister to those who are watching.  The dance is a moment of intercession, fighting on behalf of a group, or a declaration of faith, a moment of rejoicing and jubilation. All is done remembering that "In Him we live and move and have our being."

I strongly believe that although I've seen great dances to many kinds of music, I personally would not use any kind of music that is so worldly that my focus is not the Lord and that the persons watching me would be lost in interpretation of what I am doing or who I am doing it for. Music should be carefully chosen as well as the lyrics. Our message as dancers are to lead others to know that Christ is risen in us and we have a reason to use our bodies for something heavenly and pure. Many young people have taken the whole dance concept of dancing in church and put together performances that are, in my opinion, confusing. 

 ❥ Let me be a reflection of You, Lord:

There is so much of what the world teaches us to feel in dance, that the message is no longer the cross or God's love. The eyes are taken to the exotic movements, the body moves in an inappropriate manner, and we are lost trying to imitate the world. Of course, when we're learning, we will make mistakes, but we need to be careful with everything we do. How we dress can be a big distraction as well. So, see the music, the lyrics and each movement dancers are putting together as their sermon. What is the message you want to bring out? What do you want people to receive when they see you? Do they see you or do they see God in you and through you? Do they want to join you when you're dancing and celebrating?

Am I an expert? Nope. There is nothing in me, except God's mercy to use an old street dancer, an old wanna be dancer, who loved to dance and found her joy through expressing herself in the movement and in the music. I am the biggest pretender because my training comes from just sitting with music and letting the words give me the expression, the movement and the message. I am the least among so many trained and authorized to teach. But, I also know what it is like to be inspired by the Lord to create. I know what it's like to feel God's presence when I pray and move to music that is bringing forth healing and a message of deliverance. I may not have a degree in dance, but I have experienced deliverance, God's peace and God's love in my life when I've been broken, hurting, and needed Him.

 Dios usame!:

I know what it's like to share a desire to use
 the arts in church and be told you're in sin. I know what it's like to begin to follow your heart for the Lord and have doors close because you're told that you're in the flesh, working for the devil and a bad example to the youth. I know what it's like to sense the Lord telling me, "Dance!" and not be able to just get up and worship Him. I know what it's like to pray and see the Lord move in the lives of people as I've danced and visa versa. 

This is why I am broken when I see churches allow whatever goes and flows on their altars. Where is the prayer and the lives seeking the Lord of the dance? Where is the focus on God's Kingdom and not on us? Where is the protection for these young girls who are dancing and no one tells them to dress properly? The church is full of people who need Jesus. Why would we think we don't need to cover and protect our dancers? Is everyone holy and sanctified in the pews? Then, let us pray even for holy garments regardless is you wear professional or handmade garments, or jeans and a hoodie to dance, let all we do and wear represent the Lord and his glory in our lives.

As I sit here, I am most aware that in a few days I am responsible for sharing God's message through the dance. It is a message I must prepare, a word of hope for someone that will come hungry for the Lord or maybe someone who just needs to be filled with the Lord's love. I pray that as many dancer get ready to minister for the holidays in their congregations that they remember, we are bringing forth a message straight from God's heart to the world. Let us pray and pray until we are sure we have the right song. Seek the Lord over what you should or should not wear. It makes a difference. Pray for the Lord to guide you in all you do. We don't need to imitate anyone. If you can take dance lessons or be part of a class, that's awesome! I also know and have experienced the Lord give me what I need.

I pray you will take my advice to heart and surrender your heart, your body and your talents to the Lord. Let Holy Spirit flow in you and through you.

Lord, guide your dancers, your ministers of music and dance this holiday season. Let the altars be filled with anointed movement and lives that are surrendered to you. Lord, I pray for your presence to fill those groups that will dance for you. I pray that you will open their eyes to see what being a minister of dance is all about. I pray that people would not be carried away with flags, streamers and all the pretty stuff, but that they would wisely use items for pageantry. I pray that you would raise dancers that would boldly move, fearlessly taking back what you created in us, and showing that dance is part of your design as well. Let us dance as David danced. Give us victory and bless every dancer, in Jesus name. Amen.

Written By Angeline M Duran Santiago
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago

There's a place along the road side where many stop to rest. Too many often focus on their tiredness, the weariness of their soul, and the condition of their lungs gasping for a moment of air. They get there after running a great distance and physically being forced to stop by the way side for a break. Others, well, they get there through their life's journey. The hard times just seem to carry them away and before long, they too come to this place where it all stops and now they wait.

It's in this place that I stop to tell you that it is not a place for giving up or slowing down. Allowing your feet to bring you to this stop in the road doesn't mean you've failed or have lost faith. I like to imagine that this place where so many of us come for a break is a place called, "Strength". It is a place where we have no choice but to surrender completely and trust God through our situations. It's when no one but God, or only a chosen few know our pain, our struggles, our battles and our secrets. This place called Strength is a place where many of us come to but we don't know how to embrace the arms that wait to hold us while we cry.

God is our strength, our refuge and our help, a help in this present moment, no matter what you and I are going through. We listen to preaching after preaching, read the Word and even pray, but it is when we completely stop running, going our own way and stop going through the motions of what it looks like to be a true Christian or child of God, that we can be quiet enough- in our tired state- to listen, to breathe His presence deep into ours, and find what we need.

I recognize that I need the Lord. I need Him every moment. Even when I think that because I've made a decision to live for Christ that I'm ok in my current state, I need to come closer to God, and closer, and draw nearer to Him. I can't live life without the Lord! I can't be a mother to my kids and I can't even comfort my children without God's love, true love deep inside my heart. I can't be a good friend or a good administrator if I don't recognize that I need to find ways to allow life's journey to lead me to the Lord. 

God is leading us to a place called Strength. He is present to fill us if we will acknowledge our need for Him. If we allow all the other voices to lose their volume and concentrate on Holy Spirit to pour into our lives then we will hear Him say, "I am with you. I will strengthen you. I will bless you. I am present to heal you and restore you."

Lord. Lead my feet to your presence. In You alone I find my peace, my refuge, and my hope. You give me courage to hold on and push forward when my body wants to give up. You give me strength to walk a little farther when my muscles cry out for pause. You dare me to believe and stand upon your promises when my mind challenges me to focus on what is going wrong around me and not keep my eyes on Your Glory.

A place called Strength. I pray you get there and sit with the Lord for a while. You will never be the same. It is where I get encouraged, renewed and so many ideas for things to come. It is where I receive life giving water and the ability to walk in His Love.

Be blessed in Jesus Name. Today and always. Love you all.

Monday, October 17, 2016


I go through some difficulties, 
I guess some call them trials of life, 
I seek the Lord and bring 
every burden to Him. 

The Lord comforts me with His words and my experience with the Lord ends up being something I write down to remind me that  I am never alone in the storms or the battles the Enemy lifts against me. 

As I share, I pray that if and when you face the Enemy, and he shows up to try to break you, shame you and confuse you, that you will rise up confidently knowing God is with you.  He will equip you and enable you not only to stand through the storm but to fight and overcome in Jesus Name.


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Lord, I come to You.
Giving you just me.
What can I say that You already don't know?
You know my yesterday,
The wrongs, the strife.

I come to You with my heart, so heavy.
Exhausted, Tired, and I've just awakened.
Your voice is speaking into my mind,
Promising it will be alright,
To keep my eyes on you and wait,
Oh, Lord, but waiting here causes pain.
I've been waiting for so long,
And yet I know I shouldn't complain.

I've entered anew into the battlefield,
Somehow I don't ever remember how I got here.
The winds just rose
And pushed me in
I didn't understand what had happened
Until the enemy's laugh said he'd win.
I saw myself thrown on the ground,
When did this revolt take me down?
And as I lift myself to fight,
Your Spirit says, "It'll be alright."

The enemies, Lord, they scream and shout!
They holler at me and carry about.
Tormenting me with curses and threats on and on,
Breaking my heart and daring me to respond,
And when I speak back, 
They rise with their fists,
Pushing me back down
You whisper, "Don't quit."

It's through Your Spirit, Your power in me,
I rise up and stand, "Liar, you can't break me!"
As the enemy roars, I realize it's just fear,
For around me I see, Your presence so clear.
Although I am bruised, beaten and worn,
I rise up with hands holding my sword!
I run towards the mocker, the breaker of men
My mouth fills with worship
And praise to God's name.

As if in a dance, I fearlessly move
Moving my sword, declaring God's Word,
I twirl and I move effortlessly
For the Spirit of God is fighting through me.
Around me I hear the prayers that rise
Those who have lifted to God their cries
On their knees they do wage a war unseen
But, today on my feet I push through enemies.

Lord, I am tired,
My heart wants to stop.
I've prayed and I've waited,
I think it's enough.
But as I lay down my sword and begin to cry
You tell me, "Don't give up. I'm by your side."
Here on the ground banners call out to me,
"Lift them up!" You say, "Declare Victory!"

The battle for now, has come to an end
The enemy will definitely strike again.
So I clean up my sword, bandage hands and knees, twirl my worn banner, victoriously!
Lord, through it all, I will trust in You.
Only You, You alone
Can do what only You in your power can do!
My hope and my trust
Surrendered on your promises
Gaining your presences
Not looking at my loses.

Thank you, Lord, 
this dancer declares,
Thank you, Lord,
This warrior isn't scared.
Keep me strong Mighty One
Keep me firm Lord in You
Ready for the next encounter
Never alone, I have You!

I pray you're encouraged. 
Hold on to God's word and know that He is near. 
God bless you!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Ecclesiastes 4:8-12 

New International Version (NIV)

Two are better than one,
    because they have a good return for their labor:  

If either of them falls down,
    one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls
    and has no one to help them up.  

Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.
    But how can one keep warm alone? 

 Though one may be overpowered,
    two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Lord, help us to come together as a team that cannot be divided or broken.
Help us to come together as a family, as true friends, and brothers and sisters that truly understand the necessity to come as one into the battlefield.

Tie our hearts and our minds together and let us be of one accord, 
of one thought and one desire.
Let us hunger after your presence because you alone can give us the help we need,
You are our defense. You go before us to face the giants we see 
and those that we cannot see.

Lord, wrap yourself around marriages that are crumbling,
Where one wants to seek you and the other just wants to believe in you
But they cannot run together to the front line 
to face the enemies that rise up against them
For one is sure and ready while the other is tired, busy and overwhelmed with life.

Lord, wrap yourself around families that are hurting.
Send angels to stand back to back surrounding them and help them at this hour.
Unite the parents and let them be what their children need.
Equip them to stand in You and to fearlessly bring down every stronghold.

Lord, it's not easy. Sometimes it's really hard to walk as one,
It's hard to carry one another and bear the burdens of our brother, sister, or spouse,
Lord, sometimes they don't want to walk together
Sometimes, Lord, they want to go their own way, 
They choose their own path,
They have their own agenda to follow 
and some of us are left here alone with the sword in our hands,
We're left on the battlefield 
with bloody knees and our hearts broken,
over and over again.

What is going on, Lord?
We profess to know you and know your word but we refuse to do what is so simple
Hands let go and we walk opposite directions, Each to their own corner
We are divided, separated by fears, anger, pride, hate and so much hurt, Lord.

I don't want to fall and have no one to pick me up or lift me up from the hard ground.
I don't want to enter into the arena alone
Dear Spirit of the Lord, 
move in our midst and shake us until we have no other place to run to but You.

Unite and restore friendships.
Bring them together to pray once again.

Heal marriages and guide them in their times of prayer.
Let them be a mighty force to reckon with when it comes to not backing down
And standing on Your Word.

Call families together, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents and babies,
Let them hold hands and cry out to You together,
Covering their heritage, their lineage, their future in prayer and praise.
Worshiping you together as one voice.

Make us that braid that cannot be undone.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

-Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago



By Angeline M Duran Santiago  The storm rages on and the winds buffet the lands in violent twirls. Some say it is the season for hur...