Wednesday, December 31, 2014

If I Am Here Tomorrow.....

By Angeline M Duran Santiago

What if?
What if this new year's eve is my last day of life?

What if tonight is my last breath, the day my eyes close to this world, and the night my heart takes it's final beating move and fall asleep?

What if I fall asleep and this body of mine refuses to wake up to welcome the new year?

But, what if I do wake up tomorrow?

What if I rise and welcome the new year with my heart still beating, my flesh still feeling, and my mood hoping for a good cup of coffee?

What if, no matter how brutally cold tomorrow is, I am still here with my family, with my same job, my apartment, and it is still this me that is writing to you on my computer?

Then, if I am still here tomorrow to begin the new year, I want to see those things that were spoken over my life and the life of my children come to pass.

It's a new season....

I will seek God's guidance so that I am able to water the seeds of faith, the seeds of hope, and the Word of God spoken into our hearts and into our spirits, years ago. I will trust in God to bring to life those things that have become dead. I will trust in the Lord to raise me up, raise up my kids, raise up my family and those in my life that need to be lifted up. I will believe God will bring to pass what He has promised. It's His Word, not mine. 

If I am here tomorrow, I want to stand on His promises like never before.
I want to believe and hope and trust and learn to believe  and hope and trust.

My heart's prayer...

Lord, awaken prophetic words spoken into our lives that seem forgotten and unrealized.
Lord, restore what has been lost, restore what has taken away....
Lord, breathe into my life.
Breathe into my children. Let new life come forth. 

Raise my children to hear your voice, to seek your heart and to follow after you.
Breathe into my parents.
Let your word accomplish mightily in their lives, their bodies, their hearts, their minds...

Lord, lift up every member of my family and use them to make a great impact in the world this year.

Speak, Lord....

Spirit of the Lord, go forth and find your children.

Speak into our lives and we will listen.

Speak into our lives. We wait upon you! Our hope is on you!

If I am here for one more year, let me serve you.
Help me to be a better listener.
Help me to use the gifts you have given me in a way that honors you.
Help me to serve where I work the way you want me to serve. Let me be a blessing in my workplace. I pray for your guidance and leading wherever I go.
Open new doors. Let us be a blessing! 

Have your way Lord.



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