Thursday, April 9, 2015

In God's Hands

By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Where do you find yourself today?
Where do you find yourself this very moment?

Are you worried about not being able to pay your bills this month?
Are you overwhelmed with the news that you have to find a new place to move into with your family?
Have the recent events in your life caused you to question God and doubt those truths you have always held on to with all your strength?

Where are your thoughts on this day?

Is your mind filled with voices, confusion, disillusion, and sadness?

I've been here before.
I've been in this room that feels God forsaken.
I've sat in a chair, a chair in this space, a space in this room,
this room called anxiety, this world called feeling lost.

I've hidden in a room like this one.
I know what it's like to spend hours looking and waiting for answers that sort of take forever to come. And, those who come to help just give the worst advice ever. So, once again, I would remain waiting, alone, just waiting.

Are you there, God? Can you hear me? Can you see me?

As my upside down world spins around me, I'm reminded that only in God's Word will I find the answer. Only in His presence will I have the true peace and security I seek.

In God's Hands.
No matter where I turned to for help, nothing was greater or better that allowing myself to fall, fearlessly fall, into God's hands.
That was then.
I've learned over the years that I must continue to live each moment, completely given to God's Word. I seek only to be held by His love, captivated by His will for me.

Where are you today?
Do you find yourself the way I was a few years ago?
Truth is, only a few days ago, the door to this familiar room opened and invited me in. 
I stood there and looked inside and remembered.
Depression, anxiety, worries, fear and helplessness all await those of us who will not run to the mercy and help gifted to us through the Cross of Calvary.

Don't walk, don't take your time.
Drag yourself if you must. If you're too tired and weak. 
Push yourself!
But, don't stay closed in, just thinking all day about all that has gone wrong, looking for someone to blame for what you're going through, and focusing on your pain, on your dilemma, and in your situation.

I'm not telling you to ignore your brokenness.
Use it to get up. Gather the pieces up and one by one, place them into God's hands. He is the Master Potter, ready and able to put us together again, and better than before.

I pray today for anyone that feels their world falling apart and crumbling to pieces. I pray for someone who is depressed, hiding in their room and locking the world out because they are so hurt. Lord, I ask that you will visit every broken heart, every mind filled with anxiety and sadness. Lift the burdens that make their walk so heavy. Anoint them Lord, fill them with your Spirit and breathe into their lives. Speak the word they need for today. 

"Rise!" I hear the Lord speaking.
"Awake!" I hear the Lord say.
"Walk forth!" I hear my God reminding me.
"Trust me." Yes, Lord, in your arms, I rest.
You are not alone. God has not forsaken you.
God will make a way. He knows what you need.
It's already taken care of us. All you have to do is 
trust him and remain, forever, in God's hands.



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