Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Talking About the Issues We Want to Keep Hidden

As I sit here to write, I am writing to the person that considers themselves to be a believer. A believer in God's Word. God's Words as the Truth, the Only Words that lead us to know God's Plan for humanity. I'm writing to people that pray, read their Bibles on a regular basis, and feel that they are doing all they can to live out this Christian walk the best they can. My heart is heavy because I wish I could say things the way they are in my head, but too many will be offended and that's definitely not my intention. But the truth is, we can no longer ignore the Elephant in church. You see, the world has this saying, Deal with the elephant in the room. People come together in meetings or conferences, and they talk about everything else, except the hard issues, the problems, the obvious crisis that need to be dealt with. But, everyone sits around looking at their neighbor and pretends there is no elephant, no heavy pressure, no static between employees, no problems between teams, and the elephant sits there, pressing on everyone's spirit, heart, and mind, ignored, unspoken, yet present.
This is where I have to step it and bring it into the world of believers. What do you feel is your purpose when you start walking the life in Jesus? What is church about, or more, What should it be about? You see, here's the elephant : It's in the people that want to know extreme details about what God has called you to and once they know what it is, they receive this self given ministry to destroy your credibility in front of others, little by little moving into the place you are until you're completely pushed out and they are operating full time in the ministry you had started. The elephant is that group of people that feel their anointing is to investigate what people have to say and they feel led to share with others what they have heard. This group cannot be called the ministry of gossip because a better name would be the ministry of satan. But, because these people are usually in leadership, those affected end up remaining quiet and once more, walking out the church doors, in search for a place to call home, knowing most likely, they will be hurt and used again. They continue wounded, yet hungry to serve the Lord regardless of what so called believers do to them.
The church building, not the church as God's Body, is full of people that need to validate themselves and they get together with other people that inflate them and they do likewise to the others. You see, they keep the unwanted elephant ever present through their false attitudes, their appearance of holiness, yet lack of truth. The walls hold inside many leaders that are corrupt and get away with afflicting genuine believers that know whom they have chosen to follow, and that their life will be one of constant Spiritual Warfare, especially in the church.
The worship leader or musician say they don't want to do this part of ministry any more. So, someone who has been waiting offers to do it and BOOM! Immediately the person that didn't want it anymore now feels called to be the leader to tell the new persons, THE TRULY CALLED, what to do, how to do it and when. People get tired of working with the children or the teens. They complain and say they need to step down and take a break. A couple shares their desire to take the ministry to new heights and BANG, the former leader shows us, angry, offended, declaring they have to be informed of new changes, they need to over see what will happen, thus killing the people that were ready to start something fresh, something that was TRULY from the LORD.
Dear believers, the elephant is standing and taking a huge space in the church building but no one wants to talk about it because its bad. Yet, the Lord is coming for a church that is HOLY. Are we living a life that is right before God or are we living with the ministry of destroying new believers, condemning people, making those that are going into ministry walk away from what they start so you can take over? Are you restoring, building up, encouraging and healing or IS YOUR MINISTRY the one of destruction, breaking apart, gossiping, dividing, planting weeds, lying? This is what I have to say because I'm so tired of what I see each time I sit down with one more broken person that is trying to find a home church, trying to belong to a body of people that represent LOVE, that represent CHRIST. I just have to say it because for right now, I will continue to talk about the issue too many want to ignore- Deal with the ELEPHANT in the church.



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