Tuesday, May 28, 2013



You and I are either called to stand in the highway, the bridges, the broken places and begin to mend, to heal, to repair, and restore or we've called ourselves to be in the way. In God's way. Yes, if you are not healing, if you and I are not bringing lives that are in the Lord to a deeper walk in the Lord, if the only thing in your mind is a position or to have a place with the leaders, then YOU ARE IN THE WAY.
We have been given assignment to destroy the works of the enemy with the knowledge and understanding that our fight is not against flesh and blood. But why brothers and sisters, have your missions become to stand against your brother and sister that has been set free by the same Lord you claim to serve in the Spirit? 
Instead of going into prayer to demolish strongholds, you are going to your phone to raise up destruction against your fellow laborer in Christ. Instead of diving into God's word to hear God's voice and have a word of encouragement and life for someone around you, you spend your time speaking words filled with hatred, gossip, lies, and tearing apart. 
And then we proudly get dressed for church and stand in the front ready to speak, to sing, to play our instruments, to preach and teach, to share, to invite, and to pray. How can we praise the Lord with the same mouth that we use to kill our brother's spirit?
How can we walk around feeling uplifted and with a right to say what we say, when our words are filled with more demonic back up than Holy Spirit healing. You know, I made up my mind to write what I have on my mind because I'm too old to continue to see what is going on and no one wants to talk about things. I will talk about what is wrong because it is sin

SIN has no place in God's presence and when leaders and those in any position or without position feel they have a right to mistreat others in the name of their own made up gospel, then someone has to stand up and say, "ENOUGH!" If that is all I do for now, it is fine. Enough wounding the wounded. Enough pushing out the believers who come ready to serve. Enough being jealous of what God is doing in someone's life and getting in the way because you can't do it the way they do it. Then get your life together and pray to see what the Lord want you to do and wants to do with your life. Worry about your walk in the Lord and let everyone else be.



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