Monday, June 3, 2013


It's not my desire to sound negative in any way when addressing believers. I know that I would gain nothing by using this blog to make anyone feel horrible. It is my heart to bring to light issues most believers don't want to talk about. 

It's the conversation that starts and someone says, Gotta go because I have so many things to do. It's bringing up an issue of controversy and the other person says, "Let's agree to disagree." But, there it stays, a can of worms left closed and rotting the core of the person that has so much upon their chest that it needs to come out but never does, or is not allowed to come out.

You see, God's desire is for his children to walk in complete freedom. The Lord doesn't want any darkness or even resemblance of shadows in our lives. He wants us completely free. Free to serve and love Him. Free to walk in Him and do His will. Free to experience the fullness of what He has for his children. Without freedom, we are bound and cannot fulfill all those great things God has shown you can happen.

So, what are you going to do about it? Shake yourself loose. You see, there are many folks out there that will reply to you, "I'm already in hell! I don't need Jesus and I don't need heaven! This life I have right now is hell in living color!"

And what will you and I respond? Will we turn red with embarrassment because we don't know what to say? Or will we be free enough in the Lord to be able to share God's message of Love, redemption, and hope to the angry and the hurting?

God has great plans for your life. 
He really does. You know what? He even still has great plans for my life. I believe it. Can we believe it together? Can we hold hands and walk through this journey together if only through the words shared on these pages? Is it possible to have faith to move mountains for people that feel their mountains are so high there is no way around them? Can we try again to seek God the way we did when we first believed so that we can prove to people that this life on Earth is not hell, no matter the "hell" they are going through. The reality of a "hell" is nothing like what we experience through trials, sickness, problems and persecution.

No more being unprepared for the response, "I'm already in hell!" We just gotta show them, we're already in heaven! We're experiencing kingdom life here on Earth. We have joy in the midst of the storm. What a great approach. Share any other ways to respond to this popular response to the Word, to street preachers, to those sharing the gospel. Your response is what we just might need.



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