Monday, June 3, 2013

Can You Hear It?


Can you hear it?
It's the sound of rain, far away, heading your way.

Can you hear it?
Rain that's been in the forecast and it's getting closer.
You've been expecting it for a while.

No, not the drizzle that drops in the Springtime.
Definitely not the shower storms that appear out of nowhere and then disappear.

You know what I'm talking about because you hear the sound.
The sound of millions of water drops getting ready to pelt on the sidewalks of human hearts.

The heavenly out pour that has been long awaited is almost heart.
Clouds have been over us, covering the skies for too long.
This is not the rain of yesterday or the rain those before us experienced or talked about.

It is the latter rain.
So many have known about it and have waited for it and even wished to be part of the generation to live to be immersed in it.
But it is you and I that are putting our umbrellas away.

It is time for the rains to begin.
A time for experiencing that which has been promised.
A moment to soak in the presence of something greater.

Heavenly armies join us and surround us as we wait for the sound to draw nearer.
I am thirsty, Lord, come and drench me in your presence.
My heart is getting ready but it should already be prepared.

Can you hear it?
Shoes off, sandals away, Run into the streets, prepare the way!
Let it rain, let it pour,
Holy Spirit, I want more!

Lord, I surrender and open my heart to the complete filling of Your Presence so that I may know Your will and not walk away from it.



By Angeline M Duran Santiago  The storm rages on and the winds buffet the lands in violent twirls. Some say it is the season for hur...