Sunday, August 4, 2013

We All Have Heroes

We all have heroes. I have a few.

Can I talk about the heroes in my life? I believe they deserve to be mentioned.

These amazing heroes have won the staring contest with death, and won, believe it or not, more than once. These heroes have overcome physical battles that dragged them down to the lowest possible feeling, where their last breath seemed to disappear. In the middle of their darkest hour, a light shown upon them announcing, “It is not your time.” And they rose, with multiple battle scars on their bodies, but they got up and walked out from the place where the grave had signed them in permanently.

Who are these amazing men, at least in my eyes?

Let me tell you two short stories.

Not too long ago, one of them was in a coma. From childhood, constant seizures should have left him for dead. Doctors said if he came out of the coma life would be filled with constant challenges.  Today he is not only married and with a family, he is also the father of a beautiful baby girl.

 I’m talking about my brother, Alex. He is a walking miracle. His life is a reason to be thankful each day. He has a wonderful wife and God has blessed him so much. He should have been gone, years ago, but God has something great in mind. This is why he is still here. Alex, the conqueror. My hero.

You see, circumstances do not declare our destinies. Only Faith can.

A little later, the other young man found himself extremely ill and on dialysis. It seemed he was deteriorating before my eyes each time I saw him. But, oh, his faith through it all allowed me to see he was really a giant on the inside. After a long wait, his wife was found to be compatible and donated her kidney. This amazing light in my life seemed to be fading away, and suddenly he was restored to our family a little at a time. Meet my brother, Tito.

 He went through other surgeries afterwards and this time it really seemed I would never hear my brother sing again. Today Tito is at home, strong and powerful, alongside his beautiful family. His wife's gift to him has been a gift to our entire family. When I see my brother, Tito, I see a warrior. I see one who will not go down without a fight. This is my other hero, my brother, Tito.

You see, darkness forgets that God spoke into the light. God’s Life shines ever more brightly. We pray and leave the rest in God's hands. 

The Lord has done great things and we should not hide in a closet and keep it to ourselves. We must declare what the Lord has done. He has given new life to that which was medically dead, restored what was scientifically impossible to get up again, and lifted up out of the ashes the body that was prepared for the grave.

When I think of mentors and Godly men living their lives for the Lord, I see my brothers. When I think of someone being able to provide my children with an example of faith, strength and courage, they are there.

I just wanted to share about my brothers. Maybe you are going through a hard time and it's hard to believe and have faith when it all seems dead and impossible.

Allow faith to embrace your heart and fill you with hope.

I am a witness to what God can do. Healing comes in many different ways. Answers to prayers come in unexpected manners as well. Dare to believe for what you need. God will work it out in His own time and in His own way.



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