Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Football Jersey

By Angeline M Duran Santiago

The early morning was filled with a busy schedule. Anticipation turned into stress as the plumber showed up, unexpectedly, to look at our sink. My mind kept telling me I had to have my son in the park by 9am, and here it was 8am, and I was still home. Not only still home, my son's blood sugar levels had somehow remained unchanged since last night. I quickly administered insulin and started to cheer him up, awakening the champion in him, regardless of how he was feeling. Here I was, with my son dressed to go, and the man just wouldn't get the hint, "I have to go!"

Without being rude, I told him he'd have to return in the afternoon because we had to run out, pointing to the obvious kid in his uniform and all our bags. I think he took a while to get it, but he slowly did, and walked out, non-stop talking about what he thought had to be done with the sink.

Eight thirty was yelling loudly at me and I rushed with my daughter and youngest son out the door. "AHHH!" The lock to our door somehow was now messed up. Thank God I was able to get it open and out we went. We went about the morning, getting what was needed and then off to wait for the bus to arrive. It wasn't long before it came and we entered for our ride to the park. I can't begin to tell you that other events had also began to move in motion, things that sometimes stress families, making us angry or sad, things I wish wouldn't happen. But, if you have any kind of normal family, then you know there are always little issues that pop up in your face like, "Tada! I'm here!" And we're called as parents and leaders in our homes to just deal with each moment the best we can.

Waiting for the bus and on the bus, I had a song in my head, and without fear, I softly sang the song. I kept it low because you know kids, they'll run away embarrassed. But, it was as if I couldn't resist singing to the Lord and declaring I trusted Him no matter what.

Well, the ride was super quick. Off and out of the bus and walking to the park when my son, Jacob, says, "Mom, wait! My jersey! I think I left my football jersey on the bus!" The look on his face was more terror I think in regards to the coach being disappointed, but as suddenly as the moment filled my stomach with anxiety, as quickly I was able to just tell my daughter and son to go ahead to the park, believing by faith, somehow, I'd show up with the Jersey.

Now, mind you. He said he had left it on the bus. Do I go and report it? Do I go back to the bus stop? Everything inside me said the jersey was gone, but a tiny spark of hope, said, "If you don't go look for it, you'll be disappointed in the park." So, I began to walk back. I entered the Metropolitan train station and asked what I could do to get the Jersey back. (Crazy me, right? Trying to get in time for the game) The woman told me to call 511.

I called 511 continuously to be given zero hope and not once a lost and found section or a person to talk to. I then called 311 who connected me to the precinct to make a report to see if they could help get the jersey, but, oh yeah, they never picked up the phone. All the while, I was walking back home. My heart and feet aching. I then remembered the song I had been singing in the bus stop and on the bus. I had been declaring God is with me through the storms. Here I was facing a hard time and my prayers were a routine of I hope I find someone to help me. Well, I decided to believe. When I say believe, I literally mean a tiny spark of faith, because of course, there's no way I was going to find someone to get me to where the exact bus was and if they did, what assurance was there that the jersey was still on the bus.

I decided to walk back to the bus stop by faith. As I started nearing 60th Street, what do you think my eyes fell upon? There on the floor, by the steps my son and daughter had sat as we waited for the bus, laid the football jersey, waiting for me, smiling and saying, "You're here! I've been waiting!" Should I tell you that I called my daughter to tell her I found it? I did. And, right there, across the street from Seven Eleven, I let all the tears out. God knew my exhaustion, the panic of the moment, and the song had taken me through the long walk. "I got it J." I said in midst of tears. She laughed of course, that's my daughter. But, we both smiled. I know she smiled with me as I said, "I'm on my way. You tell Jacob he's playing!"

Jacob's Football Jersey #77 Miraculously Found Today!

Well, the bus came quickly, and before long I was walking into Juniper Park waving the jersey at Jacob. His embrace was all the thank you I needed. I couldn't be angry. Kids will be kids, mistakes happen. I make them, too. 

I want to tell you that it was an awesome game. Jacob played non-stop, and it was great to see the roaring warrior within him take his place on the field. He was feeling wonderful and although his sugar was a bit high towards the end, he gave his all on that field today, refusing to complain or ask for a time out.

God knows the storm is coming. He knows the things we are going to wake up to. He knows what has gone wrong during the night while you were sleeping. He knows that your child is going to wake up sick, or that your other child is going to be facing challenges and problems, He knows it all.
God knows the unannounced plumber is going to be in the way, and that your heart is going to race wanting to yell and tell everyone to get out of the way. God knows your anxiety, your stress levels, the max you can take and when you can take no more. 

My son's team, the Queen's Falcons played a fierce game, winning 46 to zero. All the craziness of the day melted in the today's sun as I not only enjoyed watching all the kids play with such spirit, but I rejoiced in knowing that all my needs are taken care of by a God who knows the storms are coming, but He gives me and you the faith, even if a small amount because man, sometimes, it's hard to believe for that miracle, but He gets us through, using a song, using what He will, to get us from the impossible to seeing all things are possible in Him if we believe. 

Well, I can't leave you wondering what was the song I was singing and the song that got me through this morning. Here is it. Enjoy.

Praise You In The Storm by Casting Crowns




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