Thursday, January 30, 2014


By Angeline M. Duran Santiago

I truly hope you are doing well today. I really do! There's no greater song to sing than the one we can sing in times when everything is going well and we feel victorious! But, what about when we're so beat up emotionally, stressed out and down that our song sounds more like a cry? Then, these words are for you.

This morning, taking my son to school, I was so excited. Suddenly, like a punch to my belly, a sense of insecurity and fear hit me. It was then I ran into the storage places in my mind, looking for a Word to change what was overwhelming me and Zephaniah 3 rang clearly out at me. He will calm all my fears with His love. What a promise in the midst of uncertainty. 

God is saying, "I got this! I got your back!"
God is saying to us, "Don't be afraid. Don't let it overtake you. Don't start to believe nonsense that you can't do the task before you. I am with you. As a matter of fact, the proof that I will walk beside is that I will surround you with my personal love song to encourage you. You will hear my song over you in the background. I will not leave you alone."

I pray that if you find yourself in the middle of a thousand decisions, worried about your finances, the sickness that keeps saying, "I'm here!" and the difficulties that attack the joy and peace in your home or job, that you will hear the Lord's promises today as He says, "I will calm all your fears. Relax, and hear me sing."



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