Thursday, January 9, 2014


Does it feel like Monday morning every morning? Could it be that it feels like no matter how many steps you take forward, a mighty wind just shows up and with a huge grin blows you back one hundred feet or back to start? Tell, me- does it feel like your life is on hold and you're not even sure what the purpose for all the setbacks, let downs and misfortune?

I love the quote on top. Setbacks are really a set up. Can it really be that the storms, the problems, the bad times and the disappointments can all really be part of something greater for your life. Could that closed door be forcing you to walk a little further to find the correct one to knock on and walk in? Could the loss of a relationship be the closure needed to open your world to new and healthy relationships? Could the sickness in your body be the motivation for you to become a person of faith and prayer? Is it possible that heartache and brokenness can be the stage for experiencing God's healing in your life like never before?

Dear friend, I believe it with all my heart. Not just because I believe it for you but because I also believe it for me. You see, I know what it's like to see only the setbacks and not be able to see what's up ahead. I know what it's like to pour yourself into work, the family, your marriage and the church and at the end of the day feel unfulfilled and wondering if that was really what God wanted from me. I know what it's like to invest in so many projects and see little if any growth. So, when I tell you that I know about set backs, well, I'm saying, "Heeellllooooo !" from way back somewhere so far away you can't see me.

Setbacks are a set up. A set up for what? A set up for God to show up? You mean He's going to show up like, "Tada!!" right smack in the middle of my living room and give me three wishes? The truth is I don't know when or how He will choose to show up in your life and in your individual circumstances. What I do know is that He will.

This is the hope that I have and I pray you can have it, too. God will show up. God will make a way. No matter what you are facing today, your prayers do not fall on deaf ears. Your cries to the heavens do not get carried away by strong winds. Your words to God are not silenced by the noise of this world. God listens to us and He sends the answers and help we need. He is on our side. He has not abandoned us when we've made poor choices, bad decisions or experienced set backs in our lives. He will use the very place we are to catapult on into the next level of greatness of our lives. 

Will you believe with me today? Will you hold on to hope and faith for just a little more. The answer is around the corner. Help is on it's way. You re not alone. God is with you. He is providing what you need in the middle of your set back. I know healing seems so far away. I am waiting for God to heal my son and my brothers, too. Don't let set backs keep you in hiding. Today believe those set backs are God's opportunity to show up in your life in a great way!

 You tube video, Kari Jobe, "You Are For Me."

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