Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Show me one person that has it all together and is perfect. I'll say, "Lies." No one is infallible or error proof. In our imperfection, we can strive to make those around us feel amazing and loved. Here are some short sentences to keep in our pocket for a rainy day.

Say "I'm Sorry."
Maybe you just had a  misunderstanding and walked away, slamming the door behind you. A simple discussion escalated into a heated argument. Your kids disagree with you and you cut them up with your angry words. Your spouse forgets something important and your words turn him or her into an ant. You are going to need healing words to restore communication. Don't be so proud you can't admit your wrongs. Saying you're sorry, even when you think you're right breaks the presence of darkness and releases the power of love, God's love in you and through you, to heal every wounded spirit.

Say "You can do it!"
Those around you have been discouraged. They've lost a job they depended on. School has become hard. Your child's team keeps losing. Your husband doesn't get the promotion he was promised. Isn't it at these times that your words can get their discouragement to a place where they believe in themselves again. Our family, friends and people around us need a cheerleader on their side. Get your pom poms and stand beside your child and your brother. "You can do it!" Say it again. "You. I say, You. Y-O-U can do it!"

Say "I am here with you."
Many of us have been here. We get hired and then they change their mind the day before you were supposed to start. A relationship they saw as ready to go to the next level has suddenly gone sour and you part ways. Death shows up during the holidays, a birthday or a graduation. Death lingers and it feels they buried you too. The diagnosis from the doctor's office came back and there is more news, really negative news. 

Death is still close. What can you say or do? Many times, myself included, we tell people, "I'm here for you." I think what they need is someone to sit with them, quietly. They need someone to be there when no one asked them to be there, silently. We need to tell and show people they are not alone in their pain. Saying, "You'll get over this, too." Is a slap in the face for many people because they want normal back.
Remember to say, with your actions, "I am here with you."

Say "I believe in you."
The world is filled with voices that challenge every gift, every talent, and all the great things your child or loved ones around you. Your faith in someone's ability can bring to life their potential, creativity and boldness to share. Your words can inspire and help others rise up to the next level in their career, talents, and faith.

Say "Don't give up!"
You may see a smile but you don't really know what's in that person's mind. They need to be encouraged and reminded of their purpose. 

Say "You're amazing!"
We rarely hear words of beauty around us. We're reminded of our mistakes and what needs to get done. Speak to the people in your life and let them know how amazing they are to you and to those around them. Give examples of their greatness by pointing to all the ways the contribute positively everywhere they go. Motivate someone by letting them know they're awesome!

Say "I love you!"
Say it or show it, but let love be seen in you and through you for others. Love has become meaningless in today's world. It has become cold, conditional and temporary. People need to know you love them today and tomorrow it hasn't disappeared. Children need to know they're loved no matter the good, the bad or the ugly they do. Children need to be shown affection and reassurance. Everyone needs to know their love is received, welcomed and not rejected. The love of a friend is a great gift. Love as you wish to be loved, without hypocrisy, false motives or just your lips. Let our actions speak louder than words when we love.



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