Wednesday, September 3, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago 

There's a blanket of heaviness falling upon the earth,
falling upon the weak, the slothful, the forgetful.

There's a blanket of heaviness falling upon the streets,
covering he who always has an excuse on his lips, 
covering she who never has time, never has time.
Arms that wrap around those who have forgotten to dream.

Like a majestic orchestra arising in the wind,
From all the corners of the earth,
Move Lord, among those who slumber,
Lift up the fallen sword.

Like a banner still waving, in shreds after the war,
Like a soldier, forgotten with time,
There are many who look up to the heavens and say,
"Blanket of heaviness, not here, not today, not mine."

There's a blanket of heaviness falling like snow,
But tonight, though I'm exhausted, I declare,
You have no place over me, over my home or my loved one,
Heaviness, you're in for a ride.

Mighty arms of my Loving God,
Pick me up and take me away,
let your embrace be the only covering falling upon me.

I pray for a mighty wind to begin lifting
Raising forcefully the discouraged, those let down,
Lift up arms that stopped praising, and stopped prayer,
Lift up minds, bound in sadness, strapped with fear.

There's a blanket of heaviness,
Yes, it's falling,
Oh, but what falls behind it,
For the Lord comes near us, surrounding us,
Holding us, Covering us,
Standing majestically,
A presence of deliverance,
Our God, Our God is for us!

Shake the heaviness, the tiredness, the exhaustion,
Renew your mind, Open your mouth, speak with power,
God restores, Lifts you up, He delivers,
Breaks the chains of stronghold, this very hour.

Blanket of heaviness, the four winds blow you away,
We refuse defeat, set backs, and destruction,
You O God, rise up within us,
Be a blanket of protection, Our Redemption.

God's blanket falls, 
Protecting us, covering us
God's blanket falls, 
Awakening, delivering, Warming our hearts
The blanket falls,
Praises and prayer, worship and cries rise to our Father,
God's blanket falls on His people,
And heaviness cannot remain!

Shake yourself off,
Return to a place of complete surrender,
God is not done,
He is still at work in you and me,
The blanket of heaviness is overcome in the Name of Jesus,
Speak His Name, and be set free!



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