Friday, February 28, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

God knows.
God knows you're waiting for a better job.
He knows the interviews you've attended.
The words you've given an answers have come easily to you. You asked Him to guide you and help you. He has. He will continue to walk with you as you wait, because, God knows.

God knows.
He is aware of the problems you are facing.
Your bills are backed up. The collection letters keep coming. You'e barely making ends meet but somehow, you always have just enough. All your needs are taken care of. He supplies, because, well, God knows.

God knows. 
The Lord knows the areas you are hurting in right now. He knows where in your body you ache, you feel the pull that weakens you, and where the pain increases, rendering you useless at times. He knows your physical limitations as well as your emotional ones. The mental drama taking place in your head before you go to sleep is loud inside your thoughts, but nothing to God. He silences them all. He heals you even when you are still passing through so much. He heals me. He heals me physically and emotionally. At the end of it all, it's so good to know that God knows.

God knows.
And this is why I am not afraid any more. I used to be.
I am not giving up. I did so too many times.
I won't stop hoping. He's given me reason to believe.
I keep holding on. He's been faithful and done great things.
I'm just going to live my life differently because I now understand that all that matters is me being able to comprehend that God knows. God knows me. God knows my heart and my life, my struggles and my victories. 
He knows.
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you.



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