Thursday, February 27, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago
for my sis, J.P.S.

God sees you, day after day, sitting there by the window and looking out to the cars and people passing by. To look up, someone would say, "Who's she looking at?" But, God knows. Your mind is lost in thought, hidden in the agenda of all the things going wrong in your life right now and you can't make them go right. Your heart is heavy because you are tired of praying, even though it's only morning. Yet, already your energy seems drained as you wonder, "Why and why me? Why now? What is my future going to be?"

God knows what's going on even though you think He's not listening or working on your behalf. Forgotten. You are almost sure He's too busy else where to listen to your prayers. "Maybe He is holding me accountable for my past sins and now I'm paying for what I've done wrong." Those thoughts seem to keep coming and you entertain them when deep inside you hear, "He whom the Son has set free is free indeed!"

People have not been fair to you. They've wrongfully accused you, insulted and made your name a curse word in their lips. You've been pushed aside, laughed at, and made to pay for something you haven't done. The ones who were supposed to protect you have hidden from you. The ones you separated yourself from to be in peace refuse to leave your side and somehow remain to try and keep making your life miserable even in their absence.

This is what I hear in God's silence....
You are not alone, I am with you. 
I am by your side and with you wherever you go.
When you go before them do not be afraid of their faces or their voices. I will give you the words to speak. 
My Spirit will be with you and you will not be afraid.
Can you trust me?
This battle that rages on is not for your defeat.
The battle is mine, says the Lord. 
I fight for you! You are mine.
The wrong against you has not been done against you.
The hurt, the accusations, and the lies have not been against you.
They don't realize that what they've thought they did to you, they've really done it to me, because you are mine, my child, my daughter.
Be still.
I will shield you.
I protect you and guide you.
I am with you in the storm.
I will take your place in the difficult time.
My silence is not absence. 
My silence is the assurance that I am working it all out for your good, to bless you and show you that if you will wait and trust in me, I will grant you favor before Kings, Leaders and people in authority. My grace will be sufficient for you.

So be at peace. When God is silent, it's because He's busy watching over you and working on your behalf. 

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