Sunday, February 2, 2014


You rise from bed, awakened by your kids making sounds in the living room. They're probably up early playing one of their video games. You say, "That's all they like to do these days," and on you walk with morning rituals. Your spouse is sitting on one of the recliners with large cup of coffee. "Didn't offer me any," you mutter and walk towards the bathroom. Exiting the rest room, you decide against a cup of coffee, and with a growing headache, decide to return to your bed for a moment of rest, more like a moment of releasing your many thoughts into the air. 

Unaware to you, the moment you begin to speak your mind, an overwhelming presence comes close and wrestles you off the bed, on to the cold, wooden floor. You try to push it back and off of you but it pins you down into a lock. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you've seen this move on television and you know that if you tap hard enough, it will let go of the lock and get off of you. Your hands are being pushed down and held closed so firmly, you cannot set yourself free from its hold. 

You try to speak, your voice is gone and the only sounds in the room are the ones of your struggle and the words, somehow coming out from your mind and into the atmosphere in your bedroom.

  • "You don't have to go today. Just one more Sunday home won't hurt you. After all, the kids rarely get a chance to play their games with all the homework they get throughout the week."
  • "Who's going to notice you're not there? I don't even think anyone really cares if you show up or not!"
  • "What am I going to wear? Laundry didn't get done yesterday and I can't wear those black pants again."
Kicking your feet backwards to try and be released from the hold of this dark presence, you turn and smash your shoulder on to the night table. Once more, the wrestling shadow pins you down, knocking the wind out of you as you fall on to your side.

  • "I don't even have to time to wash my hair and blow it out."
  • "By the time everyone eats breakfast and gets dressed, we'd be so late, it would be better to just not show up."
  • "The snow outside has turned to ice. No, it's too cold outside today."
  • "Why go and pretend everything is fine. My marriage is a lie. We just had another big argument last night and I slept on the sofa, again."
  • "The car is giving me problems again."
  • "I can stay home and have church in my house."

Convincing yourself that it's best to stay home, the giant wrestler rises away from you, leaving you huffing and puffing on the floor, confused and wondering, "What the heck was that all about?" Sweating, aching all over and with your head pounding worse than before, you get up, feeling you must have dozed off and fallen asleep for a few minutes and had a nightmare. So real, so real that some how you fell to the floor. Slowly and out of breath, walking into the kitchen, you begin your morning breakfast preparation and an ache inside of you wishes you had not so easily surrendered to the idea of going back to church today. You start to rethink and remember you had awakened excited to be in the Lord's house, you had longed to worship and hear the message. 

Remembering that your friend's church streams their service online, you walk into the living room and tell your family you'll be putting the service in the family TV in an hour. Everyone seems upset but you've made up your mind. There's just something about wanting to be in God's presence and singing a song of praise, and there's something inside you thirsting to hear from the Lord this morning.

Your family, now very angry, begins to argue and speak against your most inconsiderate decision, getting up and leaving you alone in the living room. Holding back tears, you stay seated and try to enjoy your very late cup of coffee. Seeing the time, you begin to set up the connection so that you can view the online service on your big screen TV. Bending down to fix the speakers, you feel a heaviness come near you, a foul smell of evil itself, and as you try to turn to see what is next to you, once more, the enormous weight grabs at you and thrusts you against the coffee table. Heavy arms of confusion grab at you and lift you up, then throw you against the TV. 

You try to get up and release yourself from this wrestler from darkness, but you are pinned down mightily and the weight is heavy upon your chest. Your arms and legs are frozen. Chills cover you and as you try to call your family, your mouth is covered with a fist of stone. 

Dear Family and Friend,

Are you wrestling this Sunday morning? Do you feel you are in a wrestling match with principalities of darkness? Are you finding yourself struggling to get ready for church or watch service online? 

Then you must know that God fights for you and the battle is already won. Get up this morning. Put some worship music on. Yes, we all know the worst things that can happen will happen on Sunday morning as you get ready to go to church. Families disagree, argue and some even have it out in the car. It's up to you. Take your place and make a decision. Who will win this wrestling match? I'm not asking you to tap out. I'm telling you to get up and get ready. Go! Forget about what to wear. Wear a hat if you can't get your hair done.

Do what you must, but go to service, watch it online or have church in your home. Don't miss out on the blessings the Lord has for you on this day. Let's go. Up! Push that darkness off of you. Praise Him in your home. Pray against what comes towards you. Rebuke and cancel the enemy's plan in Jesus name. If you and your spouse or children begin to argue, man, stop, stop, please stop and either walk away or pray together. Just get up and go. God has something so great and the enemy wants to keep you from it. Please press forward. Do not give in to negative thoughts, discouragement or fear. Get up and go! The wrestling match is over because you declared your trust in the Lord. Victory is yours!



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