Friday, March 28, 2014


by Angeline M Duran Santiago
(A prophetic poem for those who are hearing the Lord telling them, "Arise.")

Let the wind blow upon those that are tired,
Let the breath of life blow upon those who are weary,
Let rain fall upon the hearts of warrior aging,
And hear the song go forth,
"Arise, take up your sword once more."

Let the waves of the current move upon you,
Let the breeze of the morning be your guide,
May your legs and knees be encouraged,
As you hear the song go forth,
"Prayer warrior, arise and stand firm."

Wrinkled faces fall before your Maker,
It is you He now summons to the fields,
Aging warrior, wipe the dust from your armor,
Join the singers as they sing the song and go forth,
"We arise and are ready for the war!"

Hear those broken, saying, "Look, I am healed now!"
Hear those who lost it all say, "It's all been returned."
Hear the children say, "Thus says the Lord, now."
Write the song that comes as you listen,
"Come alive and prepare for the storm."

You who no longer pray as in times past,
You who once declared the fast of the Lord,
Rise, though tired, rejected, and downcast,
You are needed, take your place in the march,
Singing, "Awake oh you warriors that pray,
Arise for today is the day,
Ancient ones, you still have much to declare,
Go awaken the warrior for this time,
Even the young who are dreaming you will come,
Rise, go find the warriors who will pray,
Rise, go find the warriors who will war."

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