Saturday, March 29, 2014


A little sarcasm with lots of truth.....
By Angeline M Duran Santiago

We make time for work,
Leave early so we're on time and not late.
There's time for sitting to eat,
Time for laundry,
And definitely time for personal things.

We make time for family
When we finish housework and meals,
Time for our Kindles, laptops, 
I-phones and I-pods,
We make time for manicures, 
waxing and highlights.
We make time for get a together
Time for Zumba and lifting weights.
We always make the time.

We make time to buy shoes

we don't really need,
Time to buy clothes with no
when our closets won't close.
We make time to eat out
because we don't have time to cook,
We make time to call out sick
because there was no time to buy groceries.

Time. It never stops and it always goes by
quicker than we can follow it.

We always have time for something.

Wait, no, we don't always have time.
Reality check, forgive me.
We don't have time to get up early on Sundays
because we need the extra sleep,
We don't have time to pray in the morning
because God knows our hearts, how sweet.
We don't have time to pray through the day,
God forbid someone should share a need,
We don't have time to read a chapter in Scripture
Even though we've downloaded a few versions for free.

We don't have time for church on weekdays or weekends,

God knows we're tired, any ways,
We don't have time for family devotions,
The kids have homework, 
Have to walk the dog, there's no time.
There's no time to call someone and encourage them,
Instead we text them, "Praying for you. God bless you. :)"
There's no time to reach out to our family,
Even though we fall asleep under the same roof.

We don't have time to answer an email or text

with a prayer request,
But we have time for selfies and Instagram
and for hoping we get the most likes because our is the best.
We don't have time to say, "I'm sorry."
But, oh there's time to argue and say hurtful words.

We don't have time to listen,
No time for hugs or visiting the sick,
We don't have time to pray for the future,

for the nations,
for our kids in school,
We don't have time to sit and listen
Enough for His Spirit to move.

I wish I had more time to say how much time we waste
Declaring we lack the time to do what we must.
Take time to prioritize,
Look in front of you, what matters most,
Make time for the One who gives you,
365, 24/7, the most.
We have time for everything else,
Oh, my time is up. 
Until next time.

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