Friday, March 21, 2014


           It’s A New Season, It’s A New Day!

                           By Angeline M Duran Santiago

For weeks, I walked on by, always looking at the tree, naked, bare, out in the open for all to see, cold and alone. Branches holding out through the difficult winter days, with dark coverings where once leaves had burst through and brought glory.

I passed today and there it was, small buds had formed overnight even in the deepest cold. The tree had somehow allowed life to begin creation of the smallest kind in anticipation of spring and the hope of leaves bursting through itself again, soon.  

The tree, getting ready to let her hair free, was loosing winter's ponytail. Those tiny buds brought made me smile for I new, a new season had broken through, even when I wasn't looking. As I went on to take the next steps and be on my way, the tree bent over and held out branches filled with bumps. Astonished, I moved back, blinking my eyes at what had just happened. Before I could think, more trees were around me and their branches stretched out towards me like ballerinas in a circle dancing away in a scene from the Nutcracker on a Christmas stage. In awe of their nearness, I wanted to run through them, but it was then I felt their joy and their invitation to join in the dance. 

From places unknown, there on the sidewalk, the most beautiful music, violins in all their splendor, sang out with power and might, making the branches bend and sway. They drew near me and showed my arms and hands to join in their uplifted movements, their circles and turns. Laughter filled my lungs and as the sound of an invisible symphony permeated the atmosphere, I joined the trees in the dance of celebration, the dance of praise and thanksgiving, the dance of adoration for the life God was once more allowing to come through.

The wind joined in the performance, no longer able to be part of the audience. The wind began to slowly whisper through each movement, causing the wind to echo throughout the streets, "It's a new season, It's a new day...." My heart quickened as I realized nature itself was stopping me to help me see and understand God has started doing something new. "Do you hear it?" echoes in the wind. "It's a new season." Whispers in the breeze. 

I closed my eyes and allowed my arms to raise high up into the heavens, declaring my allegiance to the One who created everything that surrounded me and reminded me, "All things are new!" With worship in my heart, I twirled among the                      leafless branches, who said, "Soon, I'll bloom."

"Thank you, Lord, for inviting me to dance. Thank you for reminding me it's a new season in my life. It's a time of believing anew. Times of refreshing are coming my way. Your blessings never fail." Violins took their cue, perhaps from the honking cars, and softly faded into silence. Before I opened my eyes, the trees had returned to their square, earth covered spaces on the sidewalk, and the wind chill slowly returned back to remind me spring is still just beginning. Alive in my spirit, I laughed for I saw, still saw, the newly formed buds on the branches. I spoke to the tree and said, "I see it, too. I see the buds. It's a new season."

Walking away, unable to contain what had just occurred, I rejoiced inside my heart and gave God thanks. The dance is not just when I am in my private times of devotion. The dance is not just when I am in the congregation. The dance is here, outside, even where it is not expected. The dance of celebration, renewal, and joy. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to participate in a heavenly choreographed production of, "It's a new season, it's a new day."



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