Monday, March 24, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Are you sitting down? I think you need to sit down because we have got to talk. Seriously. Sit.

I know that what you are facing right now, what you're going through is nothing small from a nightmare. You are right to say I don't understand because I'm not inside of you to feel and see like you do. I also know that you're drowning in despair. You are smiling but inside you're broken. You're broken in pieces and wearing a mask, hiding. The more you continue to think about your circumstances, the more you sink in, downwards, quickly, and I don't want you so far down that I can't jump in to pull you out. Do you know what I'm talking about? 

Sketch by Angeline M Duran Santiago
What I want to say is this. Yes, I do see it has all come crashing down on you and you've lost so much. Forgive me, You've lost everything. And, yes, I do see you're hurting deeply because a lot of things that have hurt you so horribly are still in your mind and you've refused to share, talk about it, get counseling, and break free from the memories. But, I also see life passing you by. Your life is not over. Not, while I'm still living and breathing! You gotta get up.

You need to shake yourself and look at the people around you that are saying, "Let me in. I want to help you." If you give us time to share, you'll see many of us have gone through emotional breakdowns, heartfelt whirlwinds, and a visitation from hell itself so many times.

I'm telling you that you're not alone. Get up and keep going, now, today, this moment. You have to rise. You have to take a new step to a new day. You need to breathe in life again and know that in the midst of this darkness, light is greater. In the midst of your pain, healing is coming. Your wounds are open, the cut is deep, your mind is screaming out for solutions and you run to your bed and wish for death. 

No! Again, I say, "NO! Get up and keep going, now!" If you have to call someone, do it. If you need to open the door and run out, do it. Find the help you need but find it now. Call upon the name of Jesus, He will help you and save you. He has done such great things in my life when I didn't think being broken could ever change to being made whole.

Get up and keep going, now, today. Pull yourself up. Push yourself out. Walk out of that place that keeps you thinking about the same thing, over and over and over again. It's like you have the same song on repeat for weeks. Say, "Good bye to your personal pity party with song on repeat." Change the tune and raise the volume. It's time to throw your breakthrough party. It's time to celebrate your deliverance! For it has come if you want it. It is here, if you take it. God already delivered it to you faster than Fed Ex. He came in person to set you free. 

You can get up now. It's up to you if you stay all down and hurting or you can get up and join the rest of us, who, regardless of what life throws, we keep throwing it back. I'm on your side, but more than that, God calls you out. He says, "Get up, keep going, Come now. Together, you and I. Let's go."



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