Monday, March 3, 2014


One of the Artist in our home, Aaron Duran
If you've been in my life for some time, most likely, you've met my firstborn son, Aaron. He turned twenty years old a few months ago and I'd love to share about him. You see, I think it's time to share a little about him that I believe the world needs to know. He's sort of been kept a secret, hidden like a diamond in the rough. There are rare treasures we get in life as parents, and he's one of those special treasures.

Original Artwork by Aaron Duran
Ever since I remember, Aaron was fascinated with learning. He poured endless hours perfecting his skills to draw from as early at seven years old. His passion for reading was seen as he fell asleep with piles on books on his pillow side. Early in elementary school, his brain had this photographic ability to see something and be able to reproduce it on to paper. He would absorb stories, historical facts, and so much more like he could never get enough. A good portion of our salary in Barnes and Nobles, Borders and the Christian Bookstore. The drawings I'm sharing are all super quick sketches I got from his art pad. 

Original Drawing, "Papi" by Aaron Duran
Aaron's creativity and ability to draw in seconds at such a young age left everyone in awe. Aaron has an amazing talent that has been developing since childhood. His attention to detail is amazing. He creates comic pages with stories that are funny and inspirational. The problem is I don't know how to get him to be discovered as an artist. The truth is, the artists that have viewed his work seem to just want his ideas and art for free. 

Original Artwork by Aaron Duran
Discouragement comes when we don't see a door that opens in that area we are passionate about. Drawing is like writing and dancing. It is the expression of our soul on canvas. Aaron has been blessed with seasonal work in construction, but seasonal means it's not for a long time. Before that, he was the heart of the electronics department in Kmart, Metropolitan Center. His passion for books had led him to apply to the very stores he spent weekends in, sitting there just reading, but still, it seems many places have a freeze on hiring.

Original Artwork by Aaron Duran
I'm going to be daring for once and ask: Are you that person or do you know someone that can take Aaron to a place where his work can be discovered? The quality of work he can do in minutes surpasses anything I ever did in my youth. I could never afford Art lessons, so he's just heavenly gifted, self taught and inspired by God.Today, I come to you, placing my son's gifts out there to be discovered. His dream is to work with Marvel one day, maybe be discovered in a comic book store, who knows. Perhaps you're the key to the door that remains closed. If you are, could you reach to me. 

I believe there is so much in my son but many people say "Well, that's the life of an artist." He is ready to work. If you think you can guide me to someone that can help, then this blog has not been in vain. If you know someone that is looking for an amazing artist for their walls, murals, or promotions, Aaron is a very knowledgeable, friendly,and respectful young man to work for you, it all works well over here. We're in New York City and would love to hear your ideas and comments. You may send them in private if you wish. I look forward to your ideas and comments, I really do. 




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