Tuesday, April 22, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

How are you today? I hope you're doing well. Personally, I'm tired. Getting over being sick. Sort of doesn't want to go away. Ever feel that way? Like it all falls on top of you all at once, "WHAM!" and then it slowly goes away, and just as you start to feel confident and ready to set out again, "KABOINK!" You get slammed dunked down again, either with sickness, or some difficulty that throws you right back at Mercy's Seat. 

Isn't it great, though, that regardless of where we find ourselves, we have a place to run to? If I were honest, I shouldn't be thankful for the way I'm feeling, (sort of horrible) or the unanswered prayers still on my lips (waiting for healing for my kids and family members) and well, the list goes on. But imagine I lived with that kind of attitude....feeling and believing as if I have nothing to be grateful for? I've read God's word and know I'd be a great fool not to know God's not at fault when it comes to how poorly I'm feeling or what I've not received from the Lord as of yet. 

I've learned, from the very beginning, He will carry me through the most difficult moments of my life. His arms are stronger than mine. He not only holds eternity in his palm, but He speaks to those things that move nature and things unseen. He will carry me through sickness. Yes! Believe it! Whether I am healed today or tomorrow, His strength and His grace will continue to carry me, and Hey, He will carry you, too. Yes, you! He will carry you through the pain in your bones, your joints, your knees and elbows, He will carry you. 

Am I ever angry at God? There was a time I felt disappointed. I can share that the moment my little one was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I felt as if all the time I had lived serving God and believing in Him had suddenly been placed on a "THIS IS A CHALLENGE OF YOUR FAITH" game show moment. I refused to accept for a long time what doctors had said. I held on to God's promises and wished it all away. But, here it all was before me and I couldn't make it go away. And that's where I learned that God wasn't making my baby sick, but that this world, the stress, the wrong and mess of this life can bring upon sickness. God has provided healing and it's up to me to grab it and believe it. It's my choice. He will carry my son through the hardest times. He will carry my family through the nightmares of sickness. 

My dear friend, you are not alone in your pain, and I mean physical pain. That sickness that torments your body and your mind is powerless in the name of Jesus. Lay it at the cross and trust for His provision of health. As you and I wait, allow yourself to fall, blindly, backwards as in a trust fall, into the arms of a God who will carry you. 

I have no choice but to trust him to carry me and my family today. Will you trust Him as well. Will you allow Him to carry your pain, your burden, your cares and fears. I'm telling you, His hands are pretty darn humongous. 

No kidding! Well, I pray you have a restful sleep and that somehow, someway, tonight you may sleep knowing, He will carry you, no matter what you may be going through.

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