Sunday, April 27, 2014

Train Prophet

Jenna rested her tired body against the post as she looked out into the dark tunnel, wondering when the M train would finally appear. Tired. No, more like exhausted. Her brain began to think of what she would prepare for dinner when she got home. She usually prepared meals in advance, but this week, time had evaporated from her hands and she had not been able to keep up with her usual weekend routines. Rice and chicken would have to do for tonight. 

A dim light broke through the dark tunnel, swelling her heart with joy, signaling the train running her way to take her home. Home. The thought of a warm room, a cozy sofa and a cup of coffee before bedtime soothed her and made the long ride home bearable. 

Heavy eyelids began to close as she held on to the pole. All the seats were burdened with tired bodies and heavy minds. Some, going home after a long, busy day at work or school. Others, on their way to their night shift. And, a few who were probably on their way to no where in particular, but still with a heavy heart and mind, wishing for home.

Unable to find a seat, Jenna used her strength to hold on as more people pushed their way on to the train when they got to Myrtle Avenue. "Lord, have mercy." she prayed, and then realized this was the perfect time to begin to lift up her children and family in prayer to the Lord. Eyes closing, she prayed in her heart and asked God's blessing on each one of them, referring to promises in God's word and reminding the Lord she was waiting on His promises for each and everyone of the persons she prayed for. As she prayed, a loud voice boomed into the train as they neared the next stop. The over packed train hid the body trying to push her way through the glued trail of passengers. 

"Who could be speaking so loudly at this time of the day?"
Jenna wondered as she tried to turn her neck to get a peak at the person shouting. As they neared the next station, those of us left on the train now faced the small woman with the powerful voice. With a voice that needed no amplification, she produced words of encouragement and a challenge to turn our eyes to the Savior. The hairs on her arms rose as she neared her and looked into her soul. She proclaimed God's good news of love, life and hope with a fearless determination. She shared verses she had commited to memory and boldly spoke to people about God's plan of salvation as the majority of those present laughed, ridiculed or ignored. 

Jenna's stop was coming up soon but she didn't want to leave. She knew there was something wonderful about what she was doing and wanted to protect her. Yet, not once had God asked Jenna to shield her, for He is her shield. Jenna wanted to hush the mockers, awaken those who were not acknowledging her message, and shake those who found her foolish. Once more, God had not commanded her to do any such thing. This was His moment through her and He was all she needed. He moved in her, giving her words of hope for those who said they would never be hopeless. She moved on and her heart ached as she saw the train getting closer to the upcoming place of exit.

As the train slowly swerved to the left, slowing it's pace, she could see her time on the train was coming to an end. She quickly prayed God's protection over this woman as the train screeched to a stop. As the doors opened and those in front of her began to walk out of the train, she began to walk away and out into the station, I dared to look once more and the woman who had bravely become a prophet for this generation. She smiled and as I turned to walk away she pressed forward and reached out to me, placing her hand on my shoulder. Like liquid fire, a warm splash of peace flooded me as I walked away, no longer worried about what I would cook for dinner, or how quickly supper would be ready. 

Walking down the steps and out into the walkway, the fire once more made its way through Jenna's spirit and without a warning, or the opportunity to change her mind, Jenna's mouth opened and out came the words of encouragement, love, and hope for this generation.



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