Saturday, September 13, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago
What do you need to hear today?
"You're beautiful."
"You're so nice."
"You are so smart."
Is that what you're expecting or need?
This is what you're getting from me.

Get up!
Stand up!
Keep moving!
Get going!
Push yourself or get ready because I'm going to push you!

Very few people in today's society will encourage you or motivate you. So, you're going to have to do it on your own. If you don't have the faith to believe in yourself, then grab on to courage, hope and perseverance. 

It's all about me, me and me. This world will take your focus and plant it on themselves or on your imperfections. And, if you are one of the practically perfect ones, the pressure to remain at that level is always before you until you're stressed and depressed.

I'm telling you it's time to walk.
I'm asking you to take a few more steps, today.
Do something new and try the impossible.
Don't keep settling for where you are.
Don't just accept that this is it and there's nothing up ahead.

I tell my kids, "Keep pushing. Keep going."
Today my son was not feeling well and to many maybe I was the bad mom telling him to get up and get back in the game. I just don't want him to settle and say, "I can't go on anymore." The moment we focus on our weaknesses and our pain, we place a period that ends the rest of the paragraph being written about our lives.

To me, I have to go and I am going to push you to go on, too. You see, in my viewpoint, God is not a quitter. God is not someone who just accepts things and says, "Ok, nothing else will happen. It can't improve." and then move on. I don't see God as someone who feels the pressure and caves in. I just can't imagine a Powerful, Mighty God saying, "Um, wait a minute, I think the second pounding of the nails on the other hand started to hurt just a little. I'm going to need a break period in between the other nails, fellas, I'm serious, like get me down, I think I'm gonna puke all over you!"

Since I can't find a God that is complacent, throwing in the towel, and walking away from facing the storms of life, then I am going to walk against the winds. I am encouraging you today to hold your head up high and walk into the storm. I am asking you to pray a little more and read those scriptures that will become the wind beneath your wings. I am imploring you to get up on your feet and push yourself to break the limits perhaps you yourself have placed.

I'm pushing you. I hope you feel my hands upon your back pushing you forward in Jesus name. What's holding you back? Sickness, depression, sadness, lack of forgiveness, despair, financial stress? Get up and face it in Jesus name and move on. God has great things for you but you can't have them unless you make it to the end of your moment and take them. 



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