Saturday, September 13, 2014


 By Angeline M Duran Santiago
I lovingly dedicate this blog to my mom, Maria, the biggest cheerleader, encourager and motivator ever. She is the powerhouse that moves mountain in our family and the reason we know Victory is real, God answers prayer, and we will not be defeated.

Today, as I sat there in the park, watching my son practice, I was startled by a loud booming voice, almost like a choir, coming from somewhere around the corner of the houses across the street. I couldn't see where the loud, almost victory chant-like sound was coming from, but it was getting closer. As I turned to focus towards the houses, I saw about three young men waving and jumping. 

Hmmm, they were wearing a different uniform than our team. So, there had to be a game today with the older kids. As I watched their enthusiastic display, I saw a group begin to come down the block, loud, boom box loud, chanting, jogging, and declaring they were here. Double lined and moving as one, they dramatically entered the park with their voices. Once they were all inside, they began, one by one, to call out their player's names, and when they did, they unanimously applauded, celebrated and cheered each member individually. I told the mom next to me, "Look. They've walked in declaring victory even before the game has begun."

As I looked at them, I immediately personalized this moment and saw two things. 

First, I saw our team, completely unaware and ignoring an incoming flood, ready to do battle, and declaring victory. Our team either was completely unaware of the storm ready to hit or they were so confident in their ability to win, they were totally ignoring them and were going to show, "We will not be shaken!" I get to see our team prepare for the battle, and I'd say, they were ready and at peace. Once the two sides were ready to go at it, the visitors had continued to chant and I was like all inside saying, "I wish our team had a chant, too." No sooner had I said it and they began their own chant, going back and I was like, "Oh, Yeah! This is getting good!"

Second, I saw something myself in the crowd. What if we as Christians saw the battle getting ready to come upon us, and in the midst of the storm, we got up and started declaring our victory against the enemy the way this team did? What if we understood that wherever our feet tread (touch) becomes God's territory, and the Lord gives us the victory? What if we encouraged and celebrated our family and friends as they were going through the hard times of their life, through the moments of getting ready to face the opposition, oh, what a different attitude we would have when it came to standing in the face of hardship.

Do you see me? 
Can you hear me?
From where I am, I have begun my VICTORY CHANT. I am jogging my way over to your corner of your home, to where you are and I'm calling out your name. Mom, Tito, Alex, Dad, Jeru, Kiani, Frankie, Aaron, Jacob, Christina, Josiah, Jessica, Sonia, Josephine, Edgar, Betsy, James, Zaida, Robert, Steven, Michael, Jean, Luis, and Miriam, (This line is for your name_____________) There. I've included everyone now. I'm calling out your name and as I do, I am in full applause, jumping up and down in my most foolish way, cheering you on, encouraging you and saying, "YES! You're an over comer, you win, you make it, Victory is yours!"

Do you hear that?
Can you see it?
I am not alone. Not only is the Lord, Yahweh, Lord of Hosts with me, heavenly hosts have joined, a choir of voices reminding you of your victory, flapping their wings and sending the breeze of comfort as you enter the battlegrounds. You and I are not alone. There is a team, a heavenly team of Champions that we belong to, a family of encouragement and hope. We are not alone.

God is making an entrance in the midst of your life, in the midst of your crisis. God is making an entrance as you pray, as your raise your voice to cry out in faith, with hope and holding on. God is making an entrance where you are, right now, and your are not alone. The Lord Almighty God is with us! Be not afraid, ever.



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