Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Riding the Wind

 By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I don't know how to surf, can't ride a skateboard, and most likely, I'd fall flat on my tush if I tried to roller skate the way I did in my teen years. 

One thing I learned today. I can ride the wind. No kidding! I'm telling you the truth. I was at work when I notice a few missed calls from an unknown number. But, you know me, gotta check it out and I did. Thank God, I did because it was Jacob's school nurse alerting me that he was not feeling well, again. I'll spare you the details and only say that honestly, I should have just walked out of my job, gotten my son, and gone to the Emergency Room. I shared with the school nurse that this is what she should have done, but now here we were, I couldn't just leave my job and that's when it happened. I learned to ride the wind.

The wind began to blow furiously upon me, and suddenly, in the midst of wanting to run out, peace just danced around me and kept me on my chair. God began to give me words to share with the nurse on what to do and in hours, Jacob was not only feeling better, but I was able to finish most of my day. So was he. I left only a half hour early to make sure I was home soon after he got home.

I rode the wind. Ya Hoo!
Like a cowgirl with a Lasso in hand, I tamed the winds that showed up to blow me away. I jumped on them and tied them up, commanding them to be still because I was going to trust in God's divine presence to show up in my son's school when I couldn't show up. I began to surrender the tempest that tried to overtake me momentarily, and I got on the waves of the wind and faith surfed. I gave my heart over to claiming what was given to me through God's word and decided to stand and walk against the negative report.

Have you received a message that something is wrong? Has the wind risen against you and you hear the howling sound coming your way? I know for a moment you just sort of trip and shake, but then you get on your faith-strong skateboard slash surfboard, and you jump on the fury of that wind coming your way and you speak against it. You remind the situation that God is greater! You speak the name of Jesus and remind the wind, it must obey. You take a deep breath and as you're riding that baby, you raise your hands and thank God for victory unseen, yet accepted, and received.

Faith. Faith is a powerful tool. You're either going to have to own it or walk on because you just can't be at peace without trusting God is in control.

I rode the wind and didn't fall. I rode the storm and didn't break down and cry. 

I'm home. We're home. I haven't had to go the E.R. There's peace in the valley and he's doing well. Type 1 Diabetes is like that. It surprises us at times, but isn't it wonderful to serve a Mighty God that speaks to the wind and tells us, "Go ahead, kid, you can do it, too!"



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