Tuesday, January 13, 2015


 By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Recently, I wrote about how I was affected when I witnessed the immense damage caused by a flood. I shared how after I assessed that rarely anything could or would be saved, that it was best to get everything new and start over. I also shared how the phrase, "A New Beginning" impressed upon me, getting me to not only see what was there in a new light, but my own personal situation in a new way.

It seems people like to blame God for everything that goes wrong. Many will never credit Him for anything good or that succeeds. They are quick to attribute disaster to a loving God, asking questions more for the right to debate and prove their so called proof that a so called loving God is not so loving after all. Others will connect the dots they themselves draw, and say, "Aha! I told you so! And you say that there is a God!"

To all these, I say, "Yes, God~ the All Loving God, allows the floods to come and wipe us clean of all that needs to go."
"Yes, God, the All powerful and full of mercy God, will allow the floods to come and fill the bedroom that needs to be cleaned out, the living room that needs to be cleaned out and the heart that needs to be cleaned out."

There are so many areas in our lives that have become comfortable, don't want to change or be moved even when we see that the way things are, they don't work. We want to remain complacent in and we don't like when others assess our damaged lived, our disorganized living quarters, and our "Oh my God it looks like a tornado hit your house" reaction from others, insults and offends us.


But, isn't that what we need?

We need someone, and if it has to be God, then come Lord and do it. 

God knows the junk inside our closets.
He knows how out of order our lives really are.
He knows the procrastination that keeps us living in debt, in need, and not moving forward.

God knows the bills that are piled up and are being ignored. He knows the bottles and can that should have been taken for recycling and they're still in the closet. He knows we are hoarders not only in the physical but in other areas of our lives.

Enough is enough. Wouldn't you agree?

We need the flood to come and wipe our slate clean.
We need the Lord to visit us.

We need, "I NEED" God to allow the flood because it forces me to reflect, to think, to re-examine my faith, evaluate what I believe and where I stand.

I need the flood to come and mess up my mess so that I can clean up and throw it all away.

Doesn't it feel wonderful when we buy new furniture of put up everything new and clean in our homes? Or, what about when we have a new outfit, shoes or a new purse? Oh, especially for many women, the purse (the bag) especially a name brand bag is a joy. Well, that's what the flood can do.

Yes, it brings pain. It brings heartache and it breaks us down. Yes, the flood rips our world apart and for many, it leaves us homeless.

The flood takes our identity as our birth certificates, photos, special memories are washed away. But in my heart, I keep hearing God say, "Let it go! Let the past go! New...I make all things new!"

I am humbled, broken and bare before you. I don't even dare ask you, "Why?" Still, I trust that you are in control. I thought I knew so much, I don't.
You are allowing the flood, not to break me, but to rebuild me. You are allowing the flood, the storm, the things that have just shown up in my life, not to curse me, or to show you are better and bigger, but to give me room to start brand new.

I don't know how to start or where to begin. I don't even know why all of a sudden I feel and am writing these words. I do know that I will not stop serving you. I will not look back. I will not have an attitude to accuse you or what goes wrong. I will hold steadfast to your word and wait on you.

God allows the flood? Ask anyone cleaning up the mess or who has lost everything. 
God allows the flood? I surrender to you, Lord, I give you my mess, I give it all up, to know you and have you in a greater measure, to see your glory new and full blown in my life, in my home and in my surroundings, today and always.



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