Saturday, April 11, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

My senses are awakened as the alarm clock goes off, and I look for a way to hit the snooze button. My eyes are alert but my body is begging for more sleep. I think of the countless things that must be done today. I would like to say that the first thing I do, always, is give God thanks for a new day and then have some quiet time in His presence. Truth is, sometimes, time is running out and I have to rush out and away. It's in my daily walk to the train station that I begin to Praise Him. It's on the train station as I wait for the train, that I remind Him to watch over my kids, my family, and all our many decisions that are hanging on a thread. And, its during my ride to work, that I take out the Scriptures, and read, asking the Holy Spirit to speak to my life, to speak to my kids, to make Himself real to my husband, to my dad, to all of us.

The question is, through all this morning drama, today I was off. As I laid in bed, counting the seconds to getting up and going about my day, I realized it was time to not only lay all my cares before the Lord, but to make a decision. Yes, right here in this darkness, while my husband snores away like a hundred bears and dragons locked away in a den, I knew God was asking me to trust Him. No complaining, no looking at what seems impossible or coming apart. No looking at the problem, just looking at Him. 

"Do I trust you, Lord?"
My heart and my mind were confessing complete assurance and reliance on His ability to get me through my situation, but something inside of me, worry, becoming anxious, and even feeling left alone to face the world, sometimes, gives way to the question, "Do I trust you, Lord?"

"Will I trust you, Lord?"

I smiled because I knew the answer and I knew who was trying to plant the seeds of doubt into my morning. 


"Yes, I will trust you, Lord."
"You have my well being in your heart."
"You know my next steps and the direction I need to move in. You guide me and lead me. Of course, I will trust You, Lord. Your favor will open doors for me. Your grace will cover me and give me the ability to speak the way I need to and keep me quiet when silence means more."

"Yes, Lord. I will wait on your help. My helps comes from you. Why have I despaired and worried? Why have I turned to others with my problems when I have had you here, all along, ready to assist me and provide for all my needs?"

"Yes, I will trust you, Lord!"
"You know when my prayers will be answered.
You know when our bodies will be healed. You know all about my finances and what I can have and what I don't need. You know where my next home or apartment is and I know you will not allow me to make a mistake in choosing where to go. For you know our needs. You know how far we can be stretched- mentally, physically, and in our hearts."

I stay in bed and decide to focus on God's goodness, on His love for me and my family. I decide to see His hand at work in our situation and suddenly my mind is at peace. Well, there's still a little bit of my human emotions in conflict because time and other issues seems to push me to feel overwhelmed, but one thing I do, is declare, "I trust You, Lord!"

So, what about you, my friend. Are you here in the same boat with me? Is there sickness or anguish keeping you down? Are you in a situation where your finances or your home has become the focus because you've been forced to make changes? Are you in a battle with people in your life, your job, your family, your friends, or the devil himself? Do you find yourself exhausted, angry and wondering if you can trust the Lord through all this?

Declare your victory! Say, "Yes, I will trust in God's promises! Yes! He will come for me. Yes, He will fight for me! Yes, He will go before me! Yes, He makes all things new! Yes, I trust in God as my Healer and Deliverer! Yes. I will trust You, Lord, today and always!"

May I recommend something that will give you a word of encouragement and some music to get you singing before the Lord?
Check this out. You just might enjoy it!



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