Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hanging On Through the Fight

By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Some of my favorite kinds of movies and literature pieces are those of hardships, wars, real life struggles and battles that bring me to a place where I end up cheering main characters, applauding their bold attempts to persevere, and even fight with them on the battlefield. From King Arthur to the Lord of the Rings and others, for a few hours, I remove myself from reality and enter their plight, hoping to be part of the group that has fearlessly gone forward into the deepest part of the nightmare and declares, "Victory is at hand!"

From early childhood, these stories not only fascinated me, but they carried me through personal moments where I truly believed my present reality was just one more battle. I believed dragons would one day be able to carry me away into a safe place and that fairies could hide me from my foes. When it came time to write about my favorite character in a story and describe how I had connected with that character, I chose the character that had overcome and remained standing at the end- even when everything around him or her has been destroyed or brought to pieces.

Today, I am pretty much the same little girl, still believing the hero in the story will emerge out of the most forgotten and unimportant place. I still believe good overcomes evil and darkness will flee when the Light breaks forth. It is without a doubt, in me to believe that hope is still alive where people suffer, and that Faith cannot be broken in the midst of crisis. And that's where I find myself today, perhaps not alone, maybe with you nodding your head and saying, "Yep, Angie, I'm there, also."

If you agree with me, then you are in agreement that in the midst of every difficult and anxious moment, we have the choice to stand our ground and believe God's Word, or run- head for the mountains, hide, and give up. I don't believe that we're to give up at any moment in our lives. When I read those stories and see those movies, I see that the ending is not only perfectly planned, but the writers take the time to make sure the plot, the drama, and that big moment has you on the edge of your seat, heart beating, almost like you're there fighting with them. No one writes that the main character, the hero, the warrior goes and hides in a corner or flees. Then, we'd have no story ending with a triumphant warrior, right?

No, there's bloodshed, there's suffering, and persecution. 
There's so much that's not fair and no one seems to care.
There's loneliness, abandonment, and so much pain.  Then there is cheering, fighting, believing and winning.

So, if you are going to agree with me, then you will agree that we are in this to win, to overcome, to be more than conquerors and let nothing and no one deter or change our faith. Are you going to quit? Will you raise your white flag and surrender your children, your marriage, and your situation? Will you run to see if it will calm down and die out? Or, will you pray a little harder, pray a little stronger, believe a little more and trust a little more. 

I hope you will pray. I hope you will press onward.
I hope.
Hope with me.
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