Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Dear Church,

I would like to know why some people are saying you are "sleeping"?

Are you out on a nap, a break, or heavily induced in a coma from which you can't be awakened?

You see, I agree that in many ways the "church" is asleep. With all the things going on in our world, and especially against us, it seems we are like a Giant, lost in a distant land.

Oh, but I would disagree in some ways that the "church" is sleeping, dozing away, and having quiet time. 

I'd say the church is busy negotiating. Or, should I say, re-negotiating. We don't know if what we used to believe stands true anymore. So, we busy our time going over what we've been preaching, because, well, you know, you have to be careful what you say now.

I'd say the church is busy compromising. We're busy changing our welcome signs in order to be politically correct. We would much rather be at peace with humanity than with our Creator.

I'd say the church is not sleeping but wide awake and reading what's going on, keeping tabs on the news, the aliens, the ufos, the chip implant, martial law and rumors of wars. Yet, with all this stuff people are reading and writing about, how many are praying, really praying?

I'd say the church is busy celebrating people, embracing this celebrity lifestyle and becoming like everyone else. We hear the alarm going off and we are ignoring it. We are not praying.

Starting with me, I am not crying out to God as I should. We should be praying for the Lord to guide and show us what to do. We should be praying for the Lord to save people. We should be praying for God to ignite His people and let the real church, the body of Christ be alive and walking on this Earth, being a light and not a stumbling block.

People look at us and don't know who we are. Too many have been hurt with our corrupt conduct, our constant lies, our living holy one minute and living full out in sin the next minute. Too many people think we're full of it and they are right. We like to talk a lot but we don't live up to what we say is true. We have one life inside the church and another life at work and in front of our friends. We talk about people in church and the people around us. We gossip. We steal. We lie. We destroy others with our words. We condemn without cause. We do. Yes, church. We do.

So, sleeping or not, what are you going to do church? Are you going to get up and walk towards making a change?

It is time to put aside the attention on the media and the things that come to take your focus. It is time to pray. It is time to seek the Lord. It is time to read and really read and study God's word. It is time to cry out to the Lord and really get to know Him. It is time to seek and say, "Lord, thy will be done." It is time.

That is what I will write about next time.
It is time.....



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