Tuesday, September 29, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I've spent the past few days wanting, really wanting to sit down and write, about something, anything. 
Maybe about out trip to attempt apple and pumpkin picking or maybe about how I can finally celebrate that the air conditioner is taking a rest in my home, or I don't know, I think I just needed to write about something.

Then, I got to thinking that I was just too tired in my brain and didn't want to write nonsense. Yes, I know, sometimes the agendas and focus issues around me can get me going at times, and boy have we had lots of stuff happening around us lately, but even as I was either moved to joy or sadness about the issues in public or in my private life, I just didn't have the energy to sit down and write something that at the end of it all would somehow bless someone.

So, tonight, although I'm sort of out of it- and who wouldn't- after working and coming home to rush through the remaining hours- only to prep for one more day of school or work, yeah, tomorrow, but for tonight, I just decided to write something, and at the same time, nothing down. So, here goes.

If I am going to write anything then it will be a loud reminder that through the tiredness and feeling terribly run down before the day is over, God is still our strength and our hope. Yep, there it is! That's what I wanted to say. God is going to get you and me through one more day, but it doesn't have to just feel like one more day. It can be a happy day if we will take the time throughout the day to find the moment in our super hectic life to think about His goodness towards us. I mean, hey, if you can't take a minute to meditate on one verse or passage of scripture about the One who is going to give you the strength and life to keep going, then that's a big issue and maybe a blog topic to write about.

But, we can, and we should, so I will, and you should also. Yeah, how did that all come out? But, yes, we can take and make the time and the effort to spend time seeking our help, our encouragement and our direction from the Lord. After all, without him, we are going to fall into a big mess. So, what I wanted to say was maybe just keep trusting the Lord, don't give up and keep hoping for a miracle even when your life is falling apart. I will not surrender my hopes or walk away from the promises I've read in Scripture. I hope you don't either. 

I truly hope you hold on to them even in greater measure when life gets really hard, I mean, so hard you cry, you hurt, and you feel alone. God is there, but don't go at it alone. Take time to open your heart to His word and you will hear his voice, as you wait for the train, while you ride on the bus, as you walk to work with your headphones on, when the red light tells you stop and you put the breaks on the car and yes, even when you're washing dishes and putting dinner on the table.

He's a God that shows up when we need it and when God knows we are ready for Him to show up. Well, I hope I was able to give you something to think about and nothing to worry about. God loves you and I do, too.



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