Friday, September 11, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I don't know what it is with him, but he keeps calling me.
It doesn't matter the time or the day, not even if I'm at work, the call keeps coming through.
His calls come day and night. He calls me when I am planning the biggest project or when I am in the middle of an important meeting at work. Yes, he doesn't seem to remember my schedule or care much about it, he's going to call anyways. He calls me when I'm in the hospital and I guess on those moments I truly await for his call more than any other time.

I want to say that his calls truly make my day. Oh, they do. More than anything and more than anyone in the world, if I am going to get a text or a happy face, I am so delighted when it comes from him.

You see, when those small messages come in, I smile and that warm feeling in my heart overtakes me because I know that he is thinking about me. Although he is busy with so many other agendas, he takes the time to reach out to me with a heart, or an "I love you" just to let me know I am loved and thought of each moment.

Over and over, he dials my number and tells me that I am loved, that I am loved and that I am loved.
Over and over he calls me and says, "Just wanted to remind you that you are not alone."

There are times, I won't lie, that I am just so busy that I put my phone on mute so that I can through the day without the constant reminder that, once more, Yes, he called, and I knew it was him, but I was just so caught up at the moment, that I let it go straight to voice mail.

Now, the amazing fact here is that he not only refuses to quit calling me, but he makes the time, being very efficient and consistent, to call you, too. Yes, he has your number and maybe at the moment you're trying to figure out what this crazy woman is talking about, but yes, He calls you, too. He calls out to you in the morning, in the evening, in the moment when you are falling into temptation, and when you feel helpless and alone. He calls out to you, reaching out to you when you are afraid, when you feel you messed up so much that He no longer wants to forgive you, I'm telling you, God is calling you. I know this because through everything that I have gone through in life, the Lord has never stopped calling me, calling me out of my comfort zone to bring me back to faith, calling me back to prayer and times of worship in His presence, calling me to just think on scripture verses that are promises to get me through the hard times, calling me. Calling me and calling you.

Is you phone on mute or vibrate or maybe going straight to voice mail?
Are you so busy with life and your hard times that you don't hear Him calling to you saying, "I have the solution, the way out, the help you need. Come listen to what I've got to say."

The Lord calls out to you and I because He also says we are His friends. He loves us beyond what we understand and says, "Take time for me. Come spend time with me. Don't stay away."

Maybe you read this piece today because you thought that maybe I was talking about my husband and I was going to share something either positive or negative about our marriage relationship.
Perhaps you read it because you wanted to know if I was going to confess to an affair or an almost mess up.
And, most likely you read it wondering what I would share about me and realize I am talking about God, Yahweh, Jehovah, the Great I AM, reaching out to you and me from His place in the heavenlies, but caring more than anything else and reaching out to us because He know we need Him. He knows we can't make it on our own. And you may say, "I don't need God." And you know what? He will call you anyways. He is going to call and reach out to you regardless if you give me the time of day or not. He will pour out his love upon you hoping you open up your heart and let His love enter in.

So, people, the phone is ringing.
The phone connected to my heart and my spirit.
I'm going to have to talk to you later because this phone call is not only the most important one today, it is definitely, out of this world.
P.S. Hope you pick up when he calls you later on today. I think he's planning to call you when we're done chatting away.

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