Monday, September 21, 2015


Written by Angeline M. Duran Santiago

His name is fear and now you know it.
His name is fear and I'm here to expose it.

He comes in the night, when you thirst for some peace,
He comes in the night, when you long to be at ease.

Bombarding your mind, distracting your thoughts,
Manifesting his presence, promoting his cause.

Feeding on your worries, your doubts and your past,
Rejoicing in your mess ups and harassing your heart.

His name is fear and he's present to torment you,
His name is fear and he's present to paralyze you.

The cold sweats at night when you try to sleep,
The sounds all around you stealing your peace.

But, I know another name, you know it, too,
A name so much greater than what Fear can do.

And, His name is Jesus, His name is Peace,
His name is Life, and His Name is Powerful!

His Name is Mighty, like the waves in the sea,
His Name is Awesome, His Name is Jesus!

His Name brings down fear, condemnation and doubt
Jesus Name crushes every tormenting cloud.

His Name is a weapon, a sword, a high tower,
His Name if with you, to give you great power!

His Name is Jesus, and who was that other guy?
Jesus will take Fear and shove him to the side!

Stand up, take hold of Jesus, and in His Mighty Name,
Push Fear out of that bedroom, out of your life, out of your brain!

In Jesus Name declare your life free!
In His Name, rise up to live in Victory!
In Jesus Name, take your place as God's child!
Do it today, please, do it now.

Enough said, His name is...Jesus.

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