Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Poem By Angeline M Duran Santiago

When he comes, and he will, 
he will come to bring confusion and lead you astray.
When he comes, fear and torment are his sidekicks
and he comes with his bags filled with tools of destruction.

When he comes, he comes against you and never for you,
he comes to defeat, to discourage, to disarm you,
to catch you when you're not watching,
To tempt you, deceive you, entice you
and destroy your dreams,
to break your beautiful plans,
to plant fear and desperation in your heart.

When he comes, he hands grip at your throat,
his fingers curl around your heart,
To convince you are nothing and never good enough
When he comes, he rarely comes alone,
Hunger, Pain, Sickness, Depression, and Brokenness are present
make you fall and keep falling into sin.

When he comes, he comes letting you know he represent darkness
and there is no light in him, never will be, never can be.
When he comes, his delight and joy is to imprison you
He rejoices to keep you bound in lies, sadness and poverty of spirit.
he, he, with a lower case h comes to wrap you in a web that holds you until 
He, He who I will gladly write with an uppercase H, a capital letter H,

When HE comes, He shows up to destroy the work of darkness.
When HE comes, He comes to set the captives free,
He comes and commands fear and depression to be gone, immediately!
He, HE who created all that my eyes can see comes and commands
every work of darkness to be broken and speaks life to the deadness in your life.

When HE comes, He breaths into your life and all things are new
When HE comes, He brings light, joy, organizing and restoring your life,
He begins to speak YES and AMEN to every dream, 
every hope and desire to do greatness.
When HE shows up, the other one, 
the one who can only claim to rule in darkness,
Well, he has to go.

Satan cannot abide in Yahweh's presence.
Satan cannot remain where God has shown up with all HIS power and might!
Darkness has to let go, get it's grip off of you 
Run, leave, disappear and stay away!

HE is greater, more wonderful and more powerful.
If the enemy of your soul has shown up then open the door to the Lord of Hosts
Open your heart and let the King of Glory 
rise up and enter into the home of your heart.
When HE comes, everything changes.
There are blessings, joy, strength and so much more.
But, you won't know until you command darkness 
to leave and invite God into your life.

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