Tuesday, September 22, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Funny how the moment we decide to listen to God's call and get our lives back in line with God's Word, we get the Enemy's attention. 

Ezra Chapters 4 through 8New International Version (NIV)

Opposition to the Rebuilding:

When the enemies of Judah and Benjamin heard that the exiles were building a temple for the Lord, the God of Israel, they came to Zerubbabel and to the heads of the families and said, “Let us help you build because, like you, we seek your God and have been sacrificing to him since the time of Esarhaddon king of Assyria, who brought us here.”

God's people paid attention to the message about building this temple for the Lord and the Enemy decided he'd join them and help them build this temple. Funny. Can you envision this? When has darkness had partnership with light? But, here they are not only offering but getting offended because God's children say, "Absolutely, nope. No way, Jose. It's not going to happen."
And, of course, because the Enemies were nothing less than "enemies set out to do wrong against God's people" they go from showing up and wanting to "help" build God's temple, to interfering, meddling, confusing, planting lies and confusion, breeding fear and frustration. Wow!! And did they start off by saying they wanted to help? Imagine how that would have looked like? I guess the reason they were so intent on helping was because although here in this Scripture they're talking about a literal temple for God, a building, I believe the Enemies, and the Enemy of our souls today, saw back then what God desired when it came to having us build a temple for the Lord in our hearts. The enemy knew that the temple had been destroyed.

Standing against the Opposition:
Our lives had been a mess, right? I know mine was and in many moments has seemed like an abandoned lot, a building that is falling apart, filled with memories I wish would disappear and a house that is destroyed. That house, our heart, the condition of our heart, I believe, has always been God's desire when he would always remind them to rebuild a place for his habitation. And this is why the Enemy got so angry. You see if the Enemy can get involved in helping us restore our HOUSE for the LORD, then he will make sure it remains unfinished, broken, and not fit for a Holy God. 

The enemy launches a campaign against God's children
Letters get sent out to all the leaders to alert and warn them that these rebellious children of God are rebuilding their city, They are restoring the walls and repairing the foundations.
Their main complaint is that God's people are rebuilding, restoring and repairing. The moment we decide to rebuild our faith, our foundation, our families and our lives, the enemy will go up in an uproar. The reason is simple. Now, we won't stop there but we will restore what has been lost, broken and not going right. When someone is rebuilding, they break the ground to set a new foundation so that their structure will not come crashing down. 

Do Not Stop Rebuilding:
In the sense of this house being our lives, we rebuild and restore by returning to deep times of surrender and seeking the Lord, reading and letting God's Word fill our lives and taking time to pray and truly come before God and believe Him for a change. The Enemy complained that they were restoring the walls and repairing the foundations. As we repair the walls, the Enemy cannot and will not be able to infiltrate because the walls are strong and covered by God. This is why I believe the Enemy was upset. The entrance for the Enemies of God were not being closed, on lock down, no access zone and of course, with a "STAY OUT" sign.
The enemy's attempt to stop us from being whole may seem to come to a stop when we face diverse situations, trials, and the questions, "Is this really from God what you are doing? Are you sure you should serve God?" and so many other questions to stop you from building, restoring and repairing your life before God's presence. The enemy will point out so many reasons to make you stop and walk away. He will sound so convincing.
The accusers are silenced and made to not only leave the Jews alone but provide for their needs. What does this mean for you and me? If you have made a decision to serve God and rebuild your life, your house, your heart for His presence, opposition will arise against you but God has already provided for your protection and your survival through it all. 

Restore the House called Your Heart:
Build your life anew. Build those walls to protect your city. Build a strong foundation that is laid with God's word. Restore those walls with God's Word and Promises written all over them. God is with you to see you through the times of healing you are going through. God is with you to comfort you as you go through withdrawal from addictions and habits that once tore your house down. God is building with you as you restore your marriage, your communication with your husband or wife, as you rebuild your relationship with your children and your family, and as you begin anew your jobs, return to school, or begin something new. 

Build again. Renew. Restore. Rebuild. Repair. 
Lift up those walls in the Name of our God. 
The Book of Ezra is a great source of encouragement. I'd like you to read it since I can't write about all the great things that happened in this story. But, I have tried to share the most important parts that I thought you needed to read about. God wants us to look at our broken lives, our forgotten and abandoned lives, the mess we are without him and how we are open to the Enemy when our foundation and our walls are not set with the promises and truth of God's Word. It is time to arise, take your place and begin to rebuild and restore your home. God not only wants our hearts, but he wants every area of our lives, including our families. He wants families that build together and that are strong together because the Enemy can raise lies, accusations and make up stories against God's children, but God will always have His eyes on us and help us through the hard times.

Blessings my friends and family. Until next time, God bless. 



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