Monday, October 17, 2016


I go through some difficulties, 
I guess some call them trials of life, 
I seek the Lord and bring 
every burden to Him. 

The Lord comforts me with His words and my experience with the Lord ends up being something I write down to remind me that  I am never alone in the storms or the battles the Enemy lifts against me. 

As I share, I pray that if and when you face the Enemy, and he shows up to try to break you, shame you and confuse you, that you will rise up confidently knowing God is with you.  He will equip you and enable you not only to stand through the storm but to fight and overcome in Jesus Name.


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Lord, I come to You.
Giving you just me.
What can I say that You already don't know?
You know my yesterday,
The wrongs, the strife.

I come to You with my heart, so heavy.
Exhausted, Tired, and I've just awakened.
Your voice is speaking into my mind,
Promising it will be alright,
To keep my eyes on you and wait,
Oh, Lord, but waiting here causes pain.
I've been waiting for so long,
And yet I know I shouldn't complain.

I've entered anew into the battlefield,
Somehow I don't ever remember how I got here.
The winds just rose
And pushed me in
I didn't understand what had happened
Until the enemy's laugh said he'd win.
I saw myself thrown on the ground,
When did this revolt take me down?
And as I lift myself to fight,
Your Spirit says, "It'll be alright."

The enemies, Lord, they scream and shout!
They holler at me and carry about.
Tormenting me with curses and threats on and on,
Breaking my heart and daring me to respond,
And when I speak back, 
They rise with their fists,
Pushing me back down
You whisper, "Don't quit."

It's through Your Spirit, Your power in me,
I rise up and stand, "Liar, you can't break me!"
As the enemy roars, I realize it's just fear,
For around me I see, Your presence so clear.
Although I am bruised, beaten and worn,
I rise up with hands holding my sword!
I run towards the mocker, the breaker of men
My mouth fills with worship
And praise to God's name.

As if in a dance, I fearlessly move
Moving my sword, declaring God's Word,
I twirl and I move effortlessly
For the Spirit of God is fighting through me.
Around me I hear the prayers that rise
Those who have lifted to God their cries
On their knees they do wage a war unseen
But, today on my feet I push through enemies.

Lord, I am tired,
My heart wants to stop.
I've prayed and I've waited,
I think it's enough.
But as I lay down my sword and begin to cry
You tell me, "Don't give up. I'm by your side."
Here on the ground banners call out to me,
"Lift them up!" You say, "Declare Victory!"

The battle for now, has come to an end
The enemy will definitely strike again.
So I clean up my sword, bandage hands and knees, twirl my worn banner, victoriously!
Lord, through it all, I will trust in You.
Only You, You alone
Can do what only You in your power can do!
My hope and my trust
Surrendered on your promises
Gaining your presences
Not looking at my loses.

Thank you, Lord, 
this dancer declares,
Thank you, Lord,
This warrior isn't scared.
Keep me strong Mighty One
Keep me firm Lord in You
Ready for the next encounter
Never alone, I have You!

I pray you're encouraged. 
Hold on to God's word and know that He is near. 
God bless you!



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