Friday, September 22, 2017


It's been an exhausting week.
The news kept the world stressed with news of storm after storm and hurricane after hurricane. The advances in technology not only predicted and warned people of what was coming, but we were able to be present, watch, hear and weep with those who cried as the winds battered so many places, leaving them in crisis.

In parts of the world where we the hurricanes have not and may not visit, we have our own storms passing through. I can say that the week was not only exhausting, but as it comes to a closing, it has been negative news after more very hard to deal with news. 

You see, the hurricanes come in all shapes and sizes. And, when they come, they thrash and crash upon us physically and mentally. 

So, what can I say but, "It is what it is." "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away!" Blessed be the Name of the Lord. What can I say? The Lord has not only told me not to be anxious and stress for nothing but to confide and relax in His promises. 

Oh, but, I can say, "Lord!! This life is hurting so much right now and it seems as if you're walking away and allowing so much to befall us at this moment. Sickness, traumas, stress and so many things all falling upon us in one moment. Lord, where are you when my world is falling apart? " And His word reminds me that I should not be surprised that these fiery trials would come my way but to be of good cheer because He has already triumphed and overcome this world. 

Yes, in this world we will have challenges and tribulations, but Our God, Almighty God, has overcome and because He has won, we shall be victorious. Through our situation God wants us to see ourselves as victors and not as people that are falling apart and the horrendous news overpower us.

Yes, the waves rise and crash upon us, but He still speaks and calms the storms in our hearts, and in our minds. God, still rises to stand with us and hold our hand when the bad news comes on the phone or while we're sitting in the doctor's office. God is present with us. It is not His will for us to be affected by disease, poverty, war or pain. Jehovah shows up when we pray. We may still live through the storm and the after effects of the tornadoes, and we have the promises of God's word to hold us tight and keep us tough through each new journey in our lives.

I end with this, your battles, your problems and your moments right now are your current storms. Still, I repeat again what I've written before, the storm is not eternal. God's peace, loving care and presence is very real and eternal.

God is for you and me so anyone or anything that comes against us matters little when we know our precious King is standing majestically by our side. 

The enemy will try to steal your joy, rob your faith, and make you give up but don't. Stand firm. Be dressed in His armor. Stand in Him. 

Written By Angeline M Duran Santiago



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