Wednesday, September 20, 2017


By Angeline M Duran Santiago 

The storm rages on and the winds buffet the lands in violent twirls. Some say it is the season for hurricanes and storms. Others say it is the hand of God's judgement upon the people. Others say it is just nature out of control. Regardless if you find yourself on the islands, the states or other parts of the world where it seems the tropical storms and the hurricanes have entered without mercy, know that in the midst of the tragedies, God is still able to hear our cries. 

Many may not be in the midst of the devastation, without electricity or water, and seeking for food. Still, there are many who are still in the whirlwind of the storms that are rocking their homes, the hurricanes that have violated their health and their finances, and yes, the winds have come upon them and it seems terminal and hopeless.

Yet, in all this I am reminded of a story I once heart. The person sharing spoke of a time where there was a great storm in Puerto Rico during their vacation. He shared how he witnessed the palm trees being bent all the way down to the ground as if surrendering and bowing to the harassing winds. He waited to see the palm tree break in pieces and fly into the nearby homes causing more damage. Yet, what he did see was the palm tree immediately arise and regain it's former strength and stand as the winds began to loosen their power. 

The palm tree swept the dust off and shook itself off, and got right back up to face the sun. The winds slowly returned and once more, the palm trees surrendered, but never breaking, never surrendering it's place, holding on for dear life with itself deeply rooted and planted in it's place.

I may not be where my family is and all I can do is pray and trust in their Lord to care for them. We are not exempt from natural disasters and from the chaos that comes from circumstances coming against us as well as the enemy of our souls seeking ways to attack and destroy those of us who trust in the Lord. As children of God, our faith and our hope is often put to the test and many times it is one of the hardest exams to take and pass. 

Nothing hurts more than to see your child always sick and as time passes, he gets sicker and it seems there is nothing to help him get better. Nothing is worse than a marriage that is falling apart, a parent that is suffering and you can't help them, your home being lost because your job closed down and your finances are gone. Storms that may not be physical like a hurricane, but they torment your spirit and break your very being.

Through all this, I believe we are to remain faithful. We cannot lose faith. When others tell us we are foolish to keep hoping, we know that He who rose from the grave can resurrect our situations and can heal in His way and in his time. I cannot tell you the times I have asked the Lord to heal my son, to restore the broken places in our lives, to deliver those that are suffering from any type of addiction and just show up and be the God who is our Refuge and Deliverer. God shows up when we are ready to see Him move. God will answer according to His will and His time. 

This I know, He is for us and not against us. Not everything that goes wrong is God's hand of judgement. We are in this world so corrupt and just a mess. Yet, He stands out and asks us to trust Him and come to Him with all of our storms, our hurricanes, and our destroyed lives. God calls us to come and run into His chest and allow His arms to be wrapped tight around us and allow Him to hold us close to His heart. He invites us to trust Him as the wind blows and we feel desperate. 

Just as the palm tree bends to the push of the storm and rises as the winds give up because the storm is temporary and cannot and will not last forever, so my dear brother and sister, you and I will not be forever thrust on the ground of the problems that come our way. You and I will not be pushed down forever. We will also see the Son of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings and shine upon us. We too will arise and straighten up, brush the dust off of our shoulders and stand stronger than ever because through the storm, we praised Him and we trusted in Him.

Love and hugs to everyone. My prayer for all, not just my personal family, but for the world as the hurricanes and the storms slam into your lands. My prayer for your safety and Jehovah's provision as things seem to get worse. The Lord will shine upon you all and you will experience His presence through it all. We will see His glory and praise Him through the storm.

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By Angeline M Duran Santiago  The storm rages on and the winds buffet the lands in violent twirls. Some say it is the season for hur...