Friday, May 31, 2013


Does the dancer ever die?

The dancer danced. She made gestures and signs that meant something her heart was trying to say without words. Movement created from an unknown place came through showing the choreography had been designed through prayer and seeking a way to bring forth a message without being the preacher. Tears ran down her face as the music and the words of the song came to the place she most wished the hearts of people would be touched, transformed, and turned to God, the God she loved so much. The Lord of her dance. The Master Choreographer that showed her each step as she dreamed, as she prayed and waited on Him.

Music ended and the dancer moved away, wanting nothing from her audience but wanted everything and more from the Giver of her dance. At times rejoicing came and at other times tears came but each time, the dancer longed only to prove that In Him we live and move and have our being. The dancer was watched and those that observed decided they wanted to dance, too. They wanted the same things to happen but were not willing to pay the same price.

Stories were devised with reasons why the dancer should no longer dance alone but with a group. So, the dancer became part of the group. And when the group danced, the Lord did great things. For nothing was done without prayer, without surrendering completely to the Lord. Perhaps this was the way it was supposed to be.Some in the group danced for the purpose of worship and others sought to be seen and praised.

She worshiped through her movement when she was alone, for the audience of One, Heaven's King.

It was decided....
"The dancer must no longer lead the dance. We are capable of creating it all on our own." Agreements were made and the dancer was commanded to leave and told to never return. No explanations, none. The dancer was told they would also be sure to tell others that they should close their doors to her if she'd chance to come by. She tried a few times, and started to worship. Those in her past would appear and once more she was told to leave and never return.

The dancer went before the Lord and asked, "Why, Lord? Where did I fail to listen to you?" And the Lord was silent. Be still and know that I am God. God was in the midst of the abandonment. He was there in the middle of the confusion and the hurt. He was silent and the dancer put away the clothes of rejoicing. The garments of praise so carefully made were now abandoned to storage and she decided to wait on the Lord, believing it was all over. Somehow, maybe, her job had been fulfilled and it was only to lead others and show them the way, and then step down.

For years, the dancer only danced in her dreams and in the privacy of her home. You see, her dance was always first, to the Lord Almighty. Depression and sadness fought to take over, and many times it seemed they won. But, through prayer, the battle was always won with worship, praise and hands lifted to the Lord believing.

The bird was created to fly and it can only do what it was created to do. The Lion roars and no one stop him. The wind blows and who will command it to stop, if only God? So, why do we command people to go away, to stop ministry, to sit down, to give up? If you've been called to sing, then sing. If you feel God teaching you on an instrument, then play your heart out. If you feel God is telling you to preach, teach or yes, even dance, but the place you are in won't let it happen, pray, and if they tell you go, then leave, but don't believe it is over. If God has placed it in your heart, it will never be over. You just need to wait for the Lord to make it happen, again.

I hope a day comes when the church walls will no longer stand, and the preacher and the musician must go to the street. When that day comes, please let me know. 
For those who believe the dancer is dormant, have no idea she's ready to rise!



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