Tuesday, May 28, 2013


He Is In This Too

You don't understand it all right now, Just wait and see.
Most of what has happened doesn't even make sense.
God was not taken by surprised. He's not even moved or shocked.
You see, the end product of everything in our lives is to show God's life in us and through us.
So someone let you down? Get back up again.
They betrayed you? There's a Judas in every group.

Your feeling were hurt? Sorry. But I assure you there will be a next time. Life is that way. Because people are that way. I'm not excusing them. Heartache is real. But God's healing is more real.
You don't know where to go from here? Thought you had finally made it? Thought you were at the place you belonged and that is where you would stay always and forever? You had a lot of ideas about what you believed was going to happen.
But God saw differently.
And He's allowing all of this.
He knew it before you did. 
Yes He did. He knew exactly how it would happen and who would make things turn around the way they did. He showed you at times but you were too busy trying to fix things.
Yup. We like to try to fix things.
Our way rarely works. Right?
You don't understand it all right now because your heart was in the right place and you really tried to do what you believed God was calling you to do.
The Lord sees is differently.

He's going to do something new if you just let him.
Watch for it. It won't take long.
Keep your heart ready and you will see.
He is in this moment of your life. Yes He is.
He is.



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