Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I don't think God is looking for any perfect people.
He wants us to walk worthy of our calling, to walk in righteousness, as children of the Light.
But He knows, or so I think, He knows we are not perfect.
And, because we are not and He is, 
                                            I believe this is why 
                                            His message is so simple.

                                 COME AS YOU ARE.

If you're waiting to be perfect to come to the Lord, oh my dear friend, you have it all wrong.
If you think you need to have it 
all fixed and together first and then 
come to Christ, how wrong you have understood the message of the cross.
                                                Come as you are means,
                                                come the way you are....

            Your messed up mood.
            Your crumby attitude.
            Your broken heart.
                            Your shattered dreams.
                            Your confused self not knowing 
                            what to do 
                            or where to go.
Clean, smelly, sick or whole.

                            COME AS YOU ARE.

With nothing. With everything.
                          Full of sin.
                         Thinking you are sin free.
Thinking you're not good enough,
              Believing you are good and haven't done wrong,
              Career, Job, college degree or none of the above.
Atheist, Skeptic, Prostitute and Saint,
Thief, Abuser, Battered wife longing to escape,
                              Come as you are,

              I hear the Lord singing, "Come as you are."

                                                                                                   Poem by Angie Duran



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