Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where Is She Now?

I have a friend. 

A close friend. 

Someone dear to my heart. 

     She struggled with many issues in her life as a child. Problems at school made her feel a failure, unwanted and without a purpose to live. Multiple times she attempted to take her own life because she was so sad, so angry, and convinced her life was meaningless. 

    Through many different people that reached out to her, My dear friend found her purpose and calling when she allowed God's love to reach inside her heart and heal the hurts, remove the accusations that she was worthless, and show her what a power house of talents and purpose she was.

   My dear friend began to serve the Lord relentlessly, without fear and gave her all to do everything the Lord placed in her heart to do.

Then why am I sharing about her?

You see, there were people around her that felt called to have the ministry of What, Who and Why?
What is she doing here?
What does she think she is? Better that us?
Why did they put her as a leader? She's new.
Who put her in charge?
Who said she could do this? 
And so they groveled and complained until those in leadership agreed that the ministry of what, who and why were being led by the Lord and my dear friend needed to be put in her place.

Where is she now?
She is no longer preaching or teaching.
Her days working with large groups of young people have long been gone.
The nights spent in her home sharing and giving of her life to others was stopped.
The different artistic ministries she built were taken from her and given to an other.
These are the things no one want to talk about. But the elephant is there and it can't go away until we as God's people wake up and realize this behavior is wrong. It grieved the heart of God. It pushes His presence outside of our lives. We invite the enemy of our souls in and push the Lord of Life out of our sanctuary. 
Why are you hurting my sister?
Why did you push her away?
Why did you work so hard to take away the things she had built and created to glorify God just so you could take over as the new leader, without her?

I hear my dear friend say,
You tried to break me, but I'm unbreakable because I'm in His hands.

She is smiling and ready to leave. 
Confident, strong, standing on His Word.

You dear friend have accepted Love, God's Love into your life. Let His love guide what you do, what you say, what you think and how you react with new believers and people in your life when you are in the church building. No longer be one who is a curse to new believers, but be a blessing. Maybe this is something you can start today, just maybe.

There will be millions that will walk into the church building. They are broken. They are hurting. They've been to hell and back. Rise up and allow the Life of Christ to change your hearts so that you may be ready to embrace those that will walk into your churches. If you continue to work to destroy lives, your doors will remain open, but no one will walk through. You will profess to be alive but the whole world will know you are dying, dead, done.



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