Thursday, June 6, 2013


You need to know that the choice is yours.
Are you ready to take a stand and make your faith known if you were told to choose?
Are you sure of what you believe and do you really know what you believe?

It's your choice.
You either know why you call yourself a Christian or you don't.
You either walk the walk or you don't.
You either believe a little because your family taught you to believe so you do it all out of respect or you have challenged yourself to draw closer to the Lord and test it all out for yourself.

No one needs to tell you why you believe what you do.
No one needs to prove it to you because you've experienced it in flesh and blood.
No one can take it away because you have the scars to prove that yes, you may go through the fire, but the Lord shows up in the midst of the fire with you, all the time.

Living for God is not easy in today's world because it is not a popular thing to declare. Too many are easily embarrassed to be associated with the Bible. Christians are ridiculed by the Media, mocked by magazine articles, depicted as uneducated and ridiculous people in social circles, and made to feel inferior for believing what they believe.

People of other faiths are not tormented, mocked, or attacked the way Christians are. Other walks of life and faiths are protected, applauded, and seen as enlightenment, the way and path to peace.

It's your choice. Who will you believe?
On which side will you stand when it all comes down to making a choice?

As for me, I will serve the Lord. I will not back down. I've lost most of my so called friends anyway so I don't have anything to lose. But, In Christ, I have everything to gain.

Are you ready to take a stand? In your home, at work, at school, in your life?
The choice is yours.



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