Friday, June 28, 2013



It's hard to wait. It's not easy to wake up one morning and have everything you knew disappear before you. Like an open water faucet allowing water to pour out, our present success can pour out and when the faucet is closed, it is all gone.

Families that have gone through recent natural disasters know this best of all. Their homes, their belongings, everything is gone. Sometimes it seems like a natural disaster has come through our lives as well, and we are found empty, helpless, all is lost.

What have you lost lately?
Your job? Your so called friends that used to come and hang out in your house? Your savings?

What has you feeling like you're in a no recovery zone?
The loss of all hope?
Maybe you were active in church, singing, playing an instrument, preaching and teaching and now you are not even there because it was taken from you, like a hurricane, gone up in the wind.
Maybe it was someone you loved dearly and thought you were going to marry them and start a family and now, they're gone.

I don't know what you've lost. Can you rise up in the middle of the flood and pick up the pieces a little at a time? Yes, you can. Will you fold up the bottom of your pants, and push back your sleeves, wrap your hair in a ponytail if it's long, and get yourself cleaning up the mess so you can find your life again, start living again, start hoping again? You can if you allow a song of hope to be on your lips.

It's not easy. Oh my goodness, if you even think it will be easy, it's only by God's grace and provision that I can write what I write. So, believe me. I've been in that place where all seems lost, but God is a God of not only new beginnings, but He allows change. Our dreams can change and we can start again, brand new. He will be there to help us accomplish those things we have started in our lives.

Lord, help us move forward. Too many of us are stuck on stand by. We're waiting Lord, waiting for you to be in us as we tell the mountains to move. Lord, be our strength. Give us direction as we dare to step out into the unknown, testing the waters of new dreams and ambitions.

We are learning to wait upon you, Lord. Your will be done today and always.

As I finish writing, I'm thinking of you who will read this. Do not think this is all about me. I am thinking about you and your situations as I write and I pray for you. Each time I write, I ask the Lord to show me what to write. Yes, sometimes, I have gone through the stuff I share, but it doesn't mean it's all about me. I'm writing hoping I encourage you and motivate you to rise up in the Lord and be all you long to be with God moving in your life in a new way.

Be blessed. Your comments and prayer requests are always welcomed. 



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