Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today's media is constantly flashing many words like PRIDE, EQUAL, and CHOICE. Can I write and share a little about, well, my personal view on it all?

We should be very proud of the choices we make in life, and when we are not, we can always work towards making the best choices possible. Pride is a great word. There is a great feeling when you are able to boast freely about who you are, where you stand on certain issues, and what you believe. Equal reminds me of math and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I guess the word equal can't generate much thought on other issues because even though I strongly believe we are all equally loved in God's eyes, I know we are not equally designed, but my choice word is UNIQUE. God has designed us uniquely to be able to celebrate that individuality as man and woman, and I believe that is something I'm PROUD to celebrate.

So, I am going to celebrate my CHOICES. I am proud to have the opportunity and knowledge to make the right choices in a world that promotes personal choices under the disguise of health care. I choose Life and to believe life is present from the very moment of conception. How? God knows all my days. He knew me before I was born. We have been perfectly and uniquely created in our mother's womb. I choose to believe that life has a purpose and should not be touched, unless Heaven ordains it otherwise, and that's not going to happen. God doesn't go back on His word.

I choose to celebrate pride in being a child of God. There are so many things to be proud about. And many  groups now have parades, banners, and so many items to help them spread their message of how proud they are who they have chosen to be. Where is my banner? Where is my parade? Too many of us like to talk a lot about how offended we are at the way some people share their personal agendas, and you know what, we should be looking at how they are fearless to promote their ways, and yet, we sit behind our pulpits, condemning,  and complaining. 
Instead of taking the time to celebrate our uniqueness, our choices, our lifestyles as well we waste time debating. Start promoting your choice, too.

I choose to celebrate who I am as a female. 
I believe God created me this way for an amazing reason. I love being a woman, and a mom. I enjoy dressing up and looking the way I do as a woman. Perhaps you have made a different choice or celebrate how different you are from me and that's fine. Celebrate you because I will celebrate me. Your choice is your choice. I will not argue how right or wrong your choices are because you make the decision to be the best you that you can be and you have to live with your choices just like I have to live with mine.You are enthusiastic to celebrate your life choices. I will celebrate mine.

I choose to love people regardless of who they are, the choices they have made to live one way or the other. I know God loves everyone and He honors His word when He declares His love for us. No matter our choices in life, He is always reaching out with great love towards us. Only our choices separate us from enjoying an abundant life, experiencing His presence. 

His word also lets me know that although He loves us so deeply, He does not love all our choices and gives us a path to follow so that somewhere along the line we can seek Him and discover a plan where His love and His promises become part of that plan for us, when we choose Him. To choose Him means we believe Him.

If you're a Christian, you may be offended at how I've written here. You may say, "And she's writing like that? A Christian?"  YES. Someone has to do it. Don't you agree?
Today you will say I have written against you. No. I have written to celebrate me using your words. Today you will say I am fighting to take away your rights. No, I have written to promote mine. Today you will argue that I hate you and I am a hypocrite. I don't care for an argument or a confrontation. Really, I don't. I'm just thinking it's time to live my life LOUDLY just like everyone else does. 

I don't hate you. I love you. Some of you have even sat at my table and we've eaten together. We are different in our stand for what we believe, but I still care about you. We don't have to hate each other. We don't have to throw bricks at each other. We don't even have to agree. We don't have to go on a shouting match. I just needed to say that I think it's time my voice got heard, too. 

You wave your flags and signs to celebrate how your lifestyle and your choices have become the center of attention. I am waving my own flag today and waving it from my corner of the world. My flag says, "JESUS" because His path is the one I've chosen to follow. My flag says, "CELEBRATING MY CHOICE TO HONOR GOD".

I guess that's all for now. Just wanted to have a place to parade and dance as well. Today I am proud to believe God's Word and live by it. I am proud to know that I EQUALLY share in the heavenly blessings and promises with my husband,my children, family and friends. We are not equally created for our body parts are different, we are uniquely crafted by the highest standards. For this, I am proud to be able to declare, "I have made a choice to believe God's ways." 

If you are my friend and we disagree, it does not mean I stop loving you when our stand on issues are not the same.

I will always love you. We will disagree but I will love you always. And just as you are bold to declare your choices, I too will be equally bold to declare mine, not because I hate you. But because just as you are happy and proud to be you, I am also happy and proud to be me.



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