Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lazarus, Excuse Me, Steven, Come Forth!

Lazarus, I mean... Steven, Come Forth!

     The sun is slowly lowering its head and spreading its last orange arrows of light across the lower parts of the sky. A small part of the heavens seems to refuse to give in to the incoming clouds and a bright, white and yellow light burst forth as if saying, “You can’t force me to go down. I’m going to stay up until the end.” 
     As I watch this amazing scene unfold before my eyes, these images place memories in my mind. I imagine that light refusing to die down and give in to the overwhelming darkness slowly creeping upon New York City and embracing it with night. That was light fighting to glow brighter and farther than before because it wanted to keep looking down at the families on the beach, the people riding their bikes and on roller skates near the pier, and the teens getting drenched from the water bursting out from the fire hydrant. 

     This light reminded me of someone and I would love to share about him. Let me introduce you to Steven. As I stared at the last splashes of light in the sky, I thought of Steven, and said to myself, “Just like the light.” Steven has always been light shining into the lives of so many. From family, to coworkers, and students, he's loved because he makes everyone smile.

Not too long ago, Steven got very sick and although the doctors were working on him, with all their technology and medicine, right before their eyes, this young man, passed away. The doctors didn't give up and after some time, he was restored. Just like the small light in the sky, he was refusing to let the night come and take him before his time. Just like the light, he continued to force rays of sunshine to come through so he could hold for just a little longer.

Not too long afterwards, Steven had another episode where once more, he was pronounced dead. Again, the ICU medical team worked extensively to revive him. What you need to understand is that Steven is getting ready to be a daddy for the first time, so he’s going to put up a fight. But even beyond that is what started happening when news of what had happened to Steven got around. God's people took a stand.

God’s people, family from all over and friends dropped everything they were doing and began to pray. People began to cry out to God for a supernatural intervention. Families got together and came before the throne of God and cried out for a miracle. There was an urgency to come before the throne of grace at that moment and our spirits cried out as if we were in pain because we knew that God would come through.  Twice, Steven left this world, and only he can share that story of what happened and what it was like. But, twice God brought him back. 

After the second time, the news was that if he passed away again, he would not come back to us. He would remain in intensive care for some time. So our prayers continued.

This experience reminds me of the Scripture in John 11:1-45. 

When He had said these things, He cried out with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth.”The man who had died came forth, bound hand and foot with wrappings, and his face was wrapped around with a cloth. Jesus said to them, “Unbind him, and let him go.”

This is what God was doing in Steven as we believed and prayed!We all prayed for him, for his family, and for the Lord to have his way. Funny, how we say, “Lord, let your will be done.” But deep inside we doubt and we say, “Lord, what is your will?” I know this because I've prayed before and God has chosen to answer my prayers in His own way and in His own time. 

We can’t take the credit for anything. But God was pleased to bring Steven back to us, back to his parents and his siblings, back to his wife and his baby, and back to his friends.

Lord, I am so thankful to you! I don’t want to let one more month pass by without saying, “Thank you!” You held Steven through the darkest moment and you helped him. Thank you that you still have so much for Steven to do in this world. 

I praise you and I worship you for you allowed me to see that I can still have hope when I pray for my son.You are The Healer! I have been so encouraged and renewed in my prayer life. You have brought him back from the dead and this cannot be denied. It has been written and it is recorded that he had passed from life to death, but you had another plan. 

Thank you, Lord, for this amazing miracle.

Special thanks to Steven, for his permission to use his name and share his story. Keep burning bright! We love you, Steven and thank God for this blessing.

John 11:4~
 When he heard this, Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.”

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