Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dreams Don’t Die

Dreams Don’t Die
What have you felt in your heart that you have been called to do?

What are the things that you’re always thinking about and wishing you could get a full-time job doing it?

  • Did you dance when you were younger and now you don’t even move side to side?
  • Did you sketch all over your notebook in class while the teacher was speaking and then bloom into an artist? Then, you got older and somehow you just stopped.
  • Were you a thinker and a problem solver, but now all you can solve is the next level on candy crush?

Have you ever dreamed of doing something bigger but the realization that your finances will never get you there suddenly remind you the dream is most likely impossible?

Dear Friend,
You know what is in your heart. You can still get up and try to do those things that make you happy and that you are really good at. You have to try. Start where you can. 

What have you felt in your heart that you have been called to do?
Start drawing, sketching, painting, or plan a mural. But get up and start. Perhaps your talent with art is being a makeup artist and creating beautiful faces for photos. Maybe you are great with hair or fashion. Get up and get going. It’s time to take your life back so that you can say, “I've fulfilled my purpose and I have no regrets!”

Please don’t tell me you’re too old because then, I’m out of this page and my life is over too. We still have so much to give and so much to do.
Rise up where you are and begin to do what you are talented in. Start small or big, but begin. Start to write that book, poems or songs ringing in your head. Take out that rusty guitar and prepare those strings for some awesome tunes.

Do you have a heart for people? Do you hunger to serve in ministry? Do the doors seem closed, always?
I’d love to know what steps you are going to take to begin to do what is in your heart. This world is waiting for your gifts, your voice, and your life to shine forth! Share your story and I’ll put in my blog.

Then pray some more. There is a divine purpose for you to be alive in this time and what God placed in your life and your heart was not for fooling around with you. He’s the real deal and what He promises, He will bring to pass.  I will seek the Lord for He is the Lifter of my soul!



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