Thursday, July 11, 2013

Am I a Role Model or a Rolling Pin as a Parent?

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Part One "Am I a Role Model or a Rolling Pin?"

Your children’s success will most likely resemble what we, as parents, have modeled. The good, the bad and the ugly will be imprinted in their lives through years of living with us. Our behaviors and attitudes, our daily routines, our goals and lack of goals, our dreams and achievements, or our poor accomplishments due to lack of zeal and ambition are things they watch carefully.

What are our children seeing? Do they see hopelessness and despair, discouragement and lack of faith? Or do they see someone that thrives in the heat of the battle, someone who is caring and forgiving, a strong character with good morals and values, and someone who will dare to dream and never quit? 
Do they see a procrastinator, someone with a billion excuses, a person with no dreams, no motivation, no goals and no achievements to brag about? 
Do they see a role model worthy of echoing or a rolling pin just good enough to get by, make some bread and survive?

A role model is prepared to lead by example. A role model is always researching ways to improve because they know eyes are always on them to see what they will do next. A role model is always creating teachable moments from everyday life.
A rolling pin depends on someone to take it and use it in order to create pastries, breads and other goodies. A rolling pin waits on the counter for the baker, chef or "parent" to use it's creativity to create. A rolling pin is unable 
to do for itself or anyone else. Do you see where I'm going here?

What is the legacy we are creating for our children?

God will hold us accountable. This is true. Yet, I don’t think we need to wait to be held accountable in the future. We need, I need, to be held accountable now, today. The world of education now uses the word accountability as part of what they look for in a highly qualified teacher.
I believe, it should also be used when observing the characteristics of a great parent, not perfect, but great. I know there are no perfect teachers or parents. We are always learning and are known to make mistakes. But shouldn't we work daily to conquer those areas in our lives that make us a poor example, a weak role model and a sad hero for our children?

I open the floor to debate. Perhaps I am wrong. I see things always from the perspective as an educator and a mother all wrapped in one. There’s a strong chance I am wrong in some area of my thinking. When it comes to learning, I am a forever learner and lover of learning. That will never change. This is why I am certain that as a parent, I cannot be complacent to remain as I am. I need to excel and grow so that my children will desire to excel and grow. I need to lead the way and show them because if I remember correctly, when I was younger, I didn't know what to do many times. Most likely, they’re at a loss for many things in life, too.

For the Christian parent:
Do our children see us loving God? Do they see evidence of our walk filled with faith and joy? Do they see us praying and know how to pray on their own? Have we instilled in them the desire to read God's Word and pray always. Are they fearless in sharing their faith or are they unsure because we are unsure? Do they know scripture? Do they understand what it means to be a disciple and follower of Jesus? Do they see it in you and me? Has our walk been something to draw them to God or away?

So, what do we do? As a Christian, I lean on God’s guidance. Lord, help me here because you know me better than anyone else. Help me to be the parent, the teacher and the friend my children need me to be. Help me to model the things they need to see, especially your heart. Let them seek the path of wisdom, learning, financial success, and building good relationships with the right persons.

Lord, help us today to be more than 
hugs and love for our children. Let us inspire them to change the world, to be leaders, to be revolutionary in their thinking. Fill us so that we can give to them what You so graciously give to us. Impart vision so that we can impart interpretation. Our children are in Your hands, Heavenly Father. Mold me into the role model my children need to see each day. Let me raise children that have a heart for you above all else, in Jesus name, amen.



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