Thursday, July 11, 2013

You Have Been Called Out

You have a purpose!
My son, my daughter, my friend, my foe, I cannot begin to tell you how great a plan has been designed for your life.
I know this. I do!
There's just something wonderful about you.
Actually, there's a war against you that says you will not fulfill this plan. There's a bet that has been made in the depths of darkness that says you don't believe in yourself enough to believe your worth.

Do you feel like you've been in a forever battle lately? Then your destined for something amazing and someone is trying to stop you. That someone is the enemy of your soul.
Those struggles, challenges, headaches and difficulties in your life, part of the effort to disarm you, to get your faith to vanish and your heart to fear.

Because of the call.
The calling on your life is to do something greater. I know at times it feels as if you're a small boat in the middle of the ocean and the storm barely clears when another one begins.
But, there is a joy! A great joy!

To fall into the mercy of One who oversees my every breath.
There is a joy in knowing that I am not defeated.
We overcome and we triumph! Don't you see?
Your calling comes with a high price.

The enemy doesn't want you to succeed in great your purpose.
The enemy of your soul is not in favor of you fulfilling your dreams.
We take breaks. We do time outs.
The enemy does not. He is forever scheming and planning against you and against your loved ones.

He is always planning the next move against you.
In the game of Chess, you have to be really good with strategic thinking. You need to be aware of how your opponent might be thinking so that you can move ahead of the game. God knows the enemy's devices and like in Chess, The Lord knows the enemy's next move, no matter how much he tries to change them.
God is always the winner! Always!
The Lord, King of Kings, always is the Victorious One.

So, now you know once more.
There's a heavenly assignment for you to complete. What are you going to do about it?
Will you let sickness and sorrow stop you?
I hope you will prepare yourself 
and do great things, fearlessly.
Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged.
I've been beaten, battered, and tossed in the waves but I've always come out breathing and bathing in the warmth of the Sun (SON).

You will too. You see, I believe in what God has promised to do in my life and through my life. I hear some praise coming on! Enjoy video. I did!



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