Thursday, August 15, 2013


We all want it. One way or another, we all crave for it. To be part of a group that is known and popular or to have our ideas and opinions validated so we don’t stand alone. The emotions birthed by rejection shrink one’s courage. Many seem to disappear in a crowded room, booming with sounds of profound conversation and laughter, but rejection can make us invisible.

What is the price many will pay for the ultimate prize of being seen and heard? What reward will be offered in lieu to attention that was not given before?  Today so many are giving their very souls away just for a moment in the spotlight of their peers. Some will lay down their lives for causes they once withdrew from, but now run to in order to be accepted. Many will turn their backs on the foundations of their faith, and embrace the teachings of what is new and politically correct.

The new leaders translate truth into error and lead astray. But, for the glory of acceptance, those who once prayed for revelation when reading Scripture, now agree with new ideas and debates on what Scripture might mean or really means. Holiness has a new meaning. Living for God has a new definition. Righteousness is being changed for choice. Right is wrong and wrong is right. All in the name of acceptance.

The world cries out, “We are all God’s children!” yet they can’t explain which gods they refer to. Banners yell out, “We are equal!” in a world filled with a race of people so unique, no two fingerprints are alike. We have entered into a new era of Enlightment. We have returned to the days of Aristotle and Plato. Will the arenas be prepared will lions for those who will not join the parade of new thinking as well?

Not only do our leaders lead with the heart for worldly acceptance, but the very hearts that once fearlessly lived out the Message of the Biblical God are more and more surrendering their pulpits to leaders with messages completely opposite to the Truth.
Where are the prophets of old who chose to listen and obey the message God gave them? Where are the preachers and teachers who will not stray from the seeking of God through prayer before speaking, “Thus says the Lord.”?

Is it more important to be accepted by the world around us or to be known by the Lord? Pastors, hang up your holy garments. You’ve exchanged the message of Salvation by distorting God’s grace. You diminish the sacrifice of Calvary and are afraid to say the words sin and forgiveness. Priests and prophets, stay away from the pulpit. You are more interested in being a celebrity to the people instead of God’s messenger. 

You fear standing alone and hunger to be wrapped in the circles of popularity. Evangelists and missionaries, keep your bibles closed. You no longer search the scriptures for a message of hope to the people you go to, but you go to the people to ask what message they want to hear. Pastors today love the message of prosperity, new cars, and have it all. They've exchanged the calling of servant to being served.

Acceptance. I too would love it but it has never been something evident in my life. I’ve chosen at a young age to walk acceptable before the Lord and to prefer the knowledge that I’m accepted in the company of heavenly angels before men. People who call yourselves saved, are you ready to walk away from the Lord in order to be accepted into a culture that says, “God, what God? I am god. We are all gods. I only know myself as god. We are gods of this world.”

This is my thought on what I see happening in the church today. I'd like to know your thoughts as well.



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